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Filling The Hype House Pool With Plastic Balls!

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Filling The Hype House Pool With Plastic Balls!
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Drawing Sophia Hubb says:

“She really wanna thro hands huh”-charli D’Amelio lol 😂

• LuvAlex • says:

Both of my parents use honey

Inessa Smalenea says:

When Jack sayed: This is my friend Chase, I remebered when Charli sayed:This is Chase Huddison in a mini video 😔🥺

rina guerrero says:

Thomas makes dad puns

Kalani Chavez says:

Is it just me who's upset that tony is will Sofia and not nakita

Anne Conner says:

The hole house when chase mode for a second I’m die

Kyra Morton says:

Ok but…I’d give my right kidney to be friends with them 💀

RoB1Ox LoL says:

He always has the same face in every thumbnail

JASAI Vlogs says:

Aliens or it’s god


Do people actually find this entertaining?

Patricia Gharzeddein says:

Snow cutie?!?,?!?!

Alison Castro says:

I love your videos

Aleksandar Cvetkovic says:

I like Mias as long nails👍👍

Iihxneylove says:

Snow leopard

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