FFXIV: Meoni & James React to the Square Enix Presents E3 Showcase

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merihell says:

Meoni, have you played the stranger of paradise demo yet?

Yoggha Hasturr says:

I felt really stupid being excited for it.

Keiyan Goshin says:

I’m curious about Origins but, I’m already stuck on the silliest thing. And I reserve the right so be me thank you lol. The character design. It’s… not good in my opinion. That bothers me. 😅 As for everything else, well, as Meoni said, it’s something new. I didn’t know FF1 to FF6 were all going to be re-mastered like this. So there’s that. 😋 Thank you both for your insight on this Meoni and James. Stay safe. ❤️

TheDarkChaplain says:

I wish they'd let Eidos do a new Deus Ex and Crystal Dynamics a new Tomb Raider, instead of putting them on Marvel license games =/ But damn, that ludicrous DmC-level reboot of FF1 with literal Nioh reskin gameplay + enemies is a travesty.

Cocobuni Tacobuni says:

That's so fucking cringe I'm sorry. The quips are so bad. They've turned it into a DMC Mortal Kombat clone. But look at XVI its the same drivel. Pandering to American action (Michael Bay) addicts.

oXBloodLordXo says:

Not going to lie, the SE presentation was bad in my eyes and they really didn’t show anything that I wanted to go out and buy day one.

Besame says:

Another teeny bopper game

A'rora Nightfall says:

Origins is not an FF1 remake. It is a sort of prequel Also, it is in the Final Fantasy 1 universe….and the dude is wearing a button-up tee shirt. Lame.

Also, the voice acting is annoying. Looks like a PS3 game. Hopefully they polish it up a bit.

Kajisan says:

It felt sad that they did not presented any FF XIV Online Content. But I could understand why. It's not a new game for sure and of course it would be less good to show the Endwalker Trailer due to possible spoilers for new players. But not having a single word about made the whole presentation a little bit incomplete for me.

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