FaZe Jarvis VS. Michael Le FULL FIGHT HD

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Caleb Meyer says:

Faze rug! You got a futute!

EKStock says:

Damn Lee got some weight on him

stha stha says:

No doubt javris got a pure gurkha blood

Zachary Tools says:

Heck yea as usual youtube wrecks tik tok red baby

Mr. Nguyen says:

Making us Asians look bad

blackcurrantpop says:

Whose idea was this😂😂😂???

Pokemon Lengends says:

Bro I think Jarvis got aim bot, I'm reporting lol!

uso kefe says:

what a fight for jarvis

Cameron Mitchell says:

Jarvis is goated with that aimbit doe he should actuallly box tbh

Kian_ Plays says:

He bought aimbot 😂

Anonymous says:

hear the voice crack lol

Eric De la Rosa says:

Watching Jarvis curse is music to my ears

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