FaZe Jarvis Ranks YouTube and TikTok Boxers ft Bryce Hall, Austin McBroom, Logan Paul, Deji & More

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In a recent upload, FaZe Jarvis does a Tier List on YouTube and TikTok boxers. With TikTok vs YouTube all done, it gave Jarvis a little bit of insight to go off of..

The content creators that Javis Ranked:

Ryan Johnston vs Cale Saurage
Landon McBroom vs Ben Azelart
Tanner Fox vs Ryland Storms
FaZe Jarvis vs Michael Le
DDG vs Nate Wyatt
AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder
Deji vs Vinnie Hacker

Jarvis Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q4sGKBSy2Y&t=320s

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Host: Chris https://twitter.com/wggchrisp
Editor: Axiyum https://twitter.com/axiyum



Squirrelly says:

FaZe Jarvis?😂

hazepie says:

Guy scams those that believe in him. Look into his crypto bs. His word or opinion is not worth the dirt on the bottom of my shoes

Lewis Collins says:

Hahaha logon is better then you you are so you fortnite cry baby

Hunter Anderson says:

Who tf is he to rate people

BrandonLA says:

So he gets one boxing match against someone shit and now all his career is based of boxing?

Classic Cruiser says:

Without joe weller non of that YouTube boxing would happen bruh

DeadeyeDad 88 says:

Jarvis should stay in his line what a joke

Rouie No commentary says:

I’m in one of he’s video

Poismine says:

Boxes once:

User1 says:

He lyin bruh he know Logan can beat his ass

Nikola Kovac says:

Ur putting people next to JJ and Logan that are not even close to their skill level and technique etc.

Quixotic says:

Jarvis doesn’t deserve the title of faze bruh

kkk man says:

Nope can't agree with the Jake paul one Jake paul still has yet to fight someone who actually boxes and at his weight level
He always fights people under his weight or people that are retired or people who don't even box. I give credit to Logan but not Jake

Landon Avenger says:

Gib lost to Jake

Sack jalter says:

Wtf why does Jarvis think he’s a boxing judge and he knows everything about boxing
He fought once and now apparently he’s a god at knowing everything about boxing like shut up

Becky Smith says:


Clayton Chaos says:

Lol literally no one on that list is almost there

kazuma satou says:

"He lost to ksi a couple years ago"
Meanwhile jarvis a couple years ago:

Unknow n says:

Kid got banned from Fortnite touched grass beated a tiktoker and thinks he is the best boxer and made a tier list

Max Hill says:

Bro logan would slap tha shit outta gib?


Bruh Logan paul is God tier and JAKE is never box again

litbladez says:

Ksi only won 2 matches and I’m a ksi fan but that doesn’t prove he’s the best fighter

Garrett Wiseman says:

Dude this kid beat a literal Tik toker and now thinks he is good enough to Judge other fighters

J MX says:

‘Ksi has to be the best boxer in the world’

Me thinking about Tyson fury, clitcho and wilder.

Nikola Hajdukovic says:


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