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http://www.storyblocks.com/cinecom – Learn how to create a fake upside down trick shot in Adobe Premiere Pro. Use simple editing and masking tricks to create a Dude perfect trick and animate it for your next big trick.

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⏲ Timestamps
00:00 Final Effect
00:11 Intro
00:33 Dude Perfect Inspiration
01:46 Building the Set
02:07 Preparations
03:30 Sponsor ❤
04:14 Adobe Premiere Pro
05:45 Yannick’s Fun Fact Fountain
06:07 Outro


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Cinecom.net says:

We've added timestamps to the video. Let us know if you like this and if we should always do this in the future 🤔

Hozane Hosea Daniel says:


[Ghosty Superior] says:

Final Effect: 0:00 Intro: 0:12 Dude Perfect Inspiration: 0:33 Building The Set: 1:46 Preparations: 2:07 Sponsor: 3:30 Adobe Premiere Pro: 4:14 Yannick's Fun Fact Fountain: 5:45 Outro: 6:07 All Of Its In Order 🙂

TheNoobOfVideoGames 2.0 says:

I think I'm the only one who noticed that the video for Dude Perfect was unedited. in the video you can see how the "ball" is a balloon. I think they flipped the furniture (with screws or something) and just flipped the camera to make it look like this.

srry i speak spanish

2000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge says:

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

Craig H. says:

Dude perfect ain’t fake

Vanthi Deva says:

We need tutorials Editting in an free software in mobile….please your tutorials are amazing but we don't have money to purchase paid software's am still a student….

A Bricks says:

🐼Panda : Jeff Toney
Jeff Toney : Tyler's dad

Adrian Playz says:

Cinecom.net a lot of people already know who is Panda in Dude Perfect.
He is Jeff Toney a.k.a Tyler's Dad!

Master Boy says:

And also tylers t-shirt is…


Please share also camera and light settings then we can easily do this

Jancel David says:

But the ring

Siddharth Amarasena says:

this guy's an idiot. He thinks he's exposing someone but dude perfect already revealed instantly that it was fake. i cant beleive i watched this stupid vedio. utterly dissapointed

Mulham Moghraby says:

wow i have learned nothing because i now how its made i am not stupid

John Fulton says:

dude perfect is twice as good as you what do u meannnnnnnnn this guy sucksssssssssssa!!!!!

Ranjita Singh says:

Hey Yannick please make a tutorial of Parker Locke's/itx_kunwar tik tok videos….

bobby zam says:

What about the ceiling fan how ?

Pravin Banyal says:

No that was not fake the room was like that they putted story

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