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Excited Dogs Finally Reunited With Their Dad! They Go Crazy Howling!

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Their long lost Dad returns! He was away with Amelia on a Daddy daughter adventure only for a week but to a dog it seems like a lifetime! The boys definitely seemed happier to see him and as usual Phil is the emotional dog. All the pups have a howling contest at the end and Dad teaches Amelia to howl and it’s so cute watching her howl to the moon haha. Milo of course pretended he didn’t care somewhere but we know he really does. We didn’t cath their initial reaction as he was getting stuff from the car for a while and they knew he was here plus they’d already seen Amelia!


Victoria says:

You can’t blame those dog why they are so excited to see their DAD. When you have a loving dad and mom, that is expected even just a few minute you were gone. So priceless to see those dog show how they love their dad, just like a child.

Fe Flores says:

Beautiful 😍🥰☺️🤗😘

Mary Joyce says:

The combined howling effort is just priceless!

Aung zaw min says:


Bherna Lysha Sta.Maria says:

They're all very good handsome boys!!! ❤

Joanne Hodge says:

Such a beautiful ..loving family..Love watching these videos.. Brings a smile to my face every single time.. ❤😊❤

Mark says:

How do you know if a dog likes you?
Don't worry, they'll show you! <3

DMD3 says:

Phil looks very distinguished in his sweater!!!

Glesnie Tutty says:

So happy to see their Daddy returning 😍 💕 ☺️ 😅

Bandi says:

Why didnt they warn me about this Channel? you open up ANY video.


O Vin says:

Lol wow did he get them started with the howling chorus

Tina Morgante says:

I got to say though that Phil is such a very very sensitive dog . He is so so special what a really good soul . Phil is . Love him alot .

Chanel Culley says:

That is such a lovely thing to see I wish my dogs were like that when I come home I just get told of by them and they don't talk to me for at least 5mins and then when they do decide to talk to me then they do go crazy just like your beautiful gorgeous dogs I love them type of dogs but that is so cute and adorable to see your dogs like that. From Chanel. X. X. X. 🦴🦴🦴

Tiffany McCarter says:

They r so big… I would love a dog like this… Good cuddlers… Small dogs r adorable tho

Gianfranco Frisone says:

Che belli che sono e che festa che gli hanno fatto al loro papà .Sono meravigliosi❤

Giulia Inoyatova says:

That's a beautiful song!! 👍👍👍👍👍🐶🐶🐶 Uuuuuuuuuh!! 🤩

House of Banelord. says:

milo was like, I see him all the time.

jossip says:

Their "dad"…??? Did that dude father all these curs…???

Jacqui Woodstock says:

Why is one wearing a jumper? Has he been poorly?

Colleen Stevens says:

Big bunch of puppies lol cute

Kevin Reed says:

The whole crew loving up Papa with PhillyBear leading the chorus.

-Iceraptor- says:

Even as the other two walked away for a minute the other one stayed right by side the entire time. He wanted to sit on his lap but knew he was too big. 😂 How great is that to come home too. I love walking in from work. my dog goes nuts, grabbing toys to greet me with, spinning around and "talking" to me real loud. This goes on for a few minutes til she gets it out of her system or we go outside/for a walk.

Rick Pound says:

Great video of normal canine behavior

HoundofJustice says:

It was so good until the little girl had to come in to seek attention …

K Caro says:

Unconditional love!

Aruna Santosh says:

What an amazing reunion of all. the best friends. So much love😅

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