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Everything New with CarPlay in iOS 14

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CarPlay in iOS 14 is packed with new features that are sure to delight users. Between updates to Maps, Siri, backgrounds, and more users can expect a lot of changes with their vehicles soon.

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Aditya Rajpurkar says:

My CarPlay is not working (my car is not detecting my phone and my phone is also not detecting my car) since I download iOS and 14 beta please help..also it connected once but now it’s not connecting with iOS 14 anymore.

Hilliard Davis II says:

I kind of wish CarPlay had hardware like AppleTV+ Has AppleTV(HD$4K) with great storage

Da Teacha says:

I'd like to see more apps usable on the main screen (dashboard), especially Google Maps. I don't care one iota about wallpapers or other aesthetic changes, that's totally irrelevant.

Ariande Grande says:

is it free to conncets car play to your car

Don Rees says:

Andrew do you know if they are addressing the rotten contrast in the Maps app. Doesn't matter what you do the maps are msg light they are not worth using.

Adrian Mc says:

Would like to see android auto/Google maps have the option for EV charging

Frank Faber says:

i cant connect to carplay with beta 14 2 any ideas? phone without beta works fine.

Clayton West says:

They could do so much more. Honestly it’s boring. More apps should be optimized for CarPlay. But they’ll never do it because some people will be dumb enough to use them while driving. Honestly, I won’t be excited until YouTube is compatible.

anthony says:

You left out the re sizing of the album cover art of the album currently playimg,. The song controls have reduced size but the album cover art is more than twice as big and it looks really cool!

Chris Vettraino says:

Is CarPlay going wireless? That’s what we all really want!

Bob says:

Maybe you can help.me?
When I use Waze via Apple Carplay the speedometer on Waze displays an incorrect speed of my vehicle. Usually the speed displayed on Waze is about 14% higher on the in dash Waze screen.

If I disable carplay and display Waze through ”mobile apps” in my Ford Sync 3 system, it shows my indicated speed and it shows the correct speed.

This happens in 2 Fords and a Lincoln with sync 3, all 2018 vehicles.
When phone is not plugged in to the USB Waze works perfectly.

So it’s clearly NOT a Sync, or Waze issue but a bug in the interface of Carplay and Sync.

And it's not a setting on the phone because my wife's phone does the same thing in these vehicles, BUT no in our Nissan Murano.

I also work for a company testing and evaluating vehicles and when I plug my phone into these vehicles, Waze works perfectly through Carplay.

For the record, our phones are IPhone Xs and Xs Max on iOS 13.6

And the our vehicles are Sync 3.0

JFCW says:

One thing I’d love to see is the ability to keep it on day mode in the interface for maps. I drive with my headlights on some days and my car’s lights being on tells the maps to be dark when i actually want them to be light.

Scoop 8723 says:

Wake me up whenever Apple allows you to watch videos with CarPlay 😴😴 all that other stuff they can keep

Gustavo says:

The sound is too low

PartyLikeMe Family says:

It really seems Apple has about 4 guys that work on CarPlay, in their spare time, on holidays, when they get back from the cottage, for 10min before bed. It’s a real shame this isn’t being developed to its true potential. Seriously; what’s really been changed or massively improved on a practical level since day one? A dashboard we can’t customize and forced to use their apps? Wallpapers? Oooo now we can send voice msgs, wow. Can’t wait till 2035 when we can actually watch videos on CarPlay when parked.

Gregory Armijo says:

I wish they would add the outside temperature to the sidebar under the time or signal indicator.

TankQ says:

Volume a little bit soft

Nate Newman says:

I don’t like that currently if you’re on a call, you can’t play/read text messages. There’s a lot I don’t like about current CarPlay. Let’s hope 14 fixes some of these.

Cosmin Vilcu says:

Oh, wow… car key… it was available on Android in ages

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