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Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2020

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This year’s WWDC was a little different than its past iterations of the annual developer’s conference. For one, the global pandemic underway meant that the actual format was a little different, and rather than presenting from a packed auditorium, the event was streamed. In spite of the at time very silly cinematic embellishments, Apple gave us plenty to look forward to come fall—including new iOS organizational tools, new Home features, and, of course, macOS Big Sur.

iOS 14

Some of the features I’m most excited about—even though some of you long time Android users may justifiably be rolling your eyes—are the organizational tools coming to iOS 14. The new iOS interface will operate a little differently for easier access to the things you need, with auto-sorting of apps into groups on pages beyond your home screen with the new App Library, bigger widgets for things like weather, and a stacking feature called Smart Stack for flipping through apps quickly. The new iOS will also introduce picture-in-picture support, with a ton of options for viewing or listening to a video while doing other things on your device.

-Catie Keck

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