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Elon Musk and Jay Leno test out Cybertruck, and Tesla Cuts Price of Model S, 3, and X

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Elon Musk teamed up with Jay Leno’s Garage to showcase the Tesla Cybertruck, Semi, and Roadster. While the two took the Cybertruck down the Boring tunnel, we look at some of the interesting new revelations that piqued our interest about these vehicles. Furthermore Tesla reduced the price of it’s Model S, 3, and X. What does this mean for Tesla, and what will the analysts think?
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Stray says:

Aston Martin Bulldog

pamela 54 says:

Cents. Lol🤦‍♀️

Animiles says:

"Elon also says that he wants Tesla to be a leader in apocalypse technology. He's joking of course, but he's also serious."
I love that xD

Big Doug’s Commentary says:

"Give people back their goddamn freedom.” Hey Musk, how about give me my goddamn HW3 PAID FOR upgrade. U could’ve upgraded my TWO Model 3’s during the lockdown, but it was more important to rail against the lockdown than satisfy your commitments to current Tesla owners. Jerk.

McGCh46e says:

Why is the word "the" being eliminated from speech?

Lavalambtron says:

He knows what’s coming, actually it’s happening now!

Friedrich Hayek says:

Not caring about this quarter? If this quarter gets profitable, Tesla will be upgraded to an s&p 500 company!!!! Then a lot of funds have to buy tesla

AR 23 says:

So it coming, not the truck the apocalypse….truck

Tiago Silva says:

Working for prospo… Ups, Apocalipse.
It looks like its has a good grasp at reality

Kolja Ehmling says:

What happens to the apocalypse, if everyone is overprepared for it?

Mauricio Torres Madrid says:

Video muy informativo y con buenas fuentes.

Saijai Pankulab says:

"coolest" everythings coolest really leader and really super hero wish most happy everytimes and everythings success everytwhere everytimes "cutest" Elon…my.. love.. most..love..love ..most miss. .honey..

Sherri Vonch says:

Why is everyone tripping about apocalypse stuff?

D Barry says:

9:04 lol 😂😂😂 "he is joking of course but he is also serious " what do you mean fam?

Bad Samaritan says:

I bet the Cybertruck and the Roadster share a platform. Notice they share the same steering wheel, and their range is identical. I highly doubt they built two separate batteries with the exact same range. Tesla has shown that they like to sell two different cars on the same platform(MS+MX, M3+MY, CT+Roadster, Big Semi+Little Semi)

Roger Van Brunt says:

liked this video I thank cyber truck with solar panels is a no brainer. perfect for the desert

Janne Wolterbeek says:

Cybertuck… forgot an r in the title.

Home made science says:

I will buy one 🙂

77magicbus says:

love the tesla/elon/leno combination

The Paladino says:

Yo TMIO research
– their previous "electric" car also had solar panels and they would literally catch fire and explode;
– Fiskar CEO's history and his relationship to Tesla.
Anything that can be said about them is: they are thieves and bad thieves at that.
(maybe you already knew that, I just feel it should also be mentioned so no one looks at them as anything near to credible)

Rexy The Hound says:

They cut price because demand has gone to shit

Paulry Barczyk says:

Leno should have done the whole episode on Tesla.
Or now do a special just-Elon web-episode.
Otherwise such a huge opportunity wasted.

Ian Powell says:

Will the price drop reach Australia? Currently there has been no change to the M3 price.

macuss87 says:

" a lot of these other auto makers have a pristine balance sheet and a lot of money in reserves."
you fucking savage

dlwatib says:

Lately there has been too much speculation and too few facts in videos about Tesla. Try to resist the urge to speculate about future products and features, please. You're overhyping the company.

suzi wolf says:

Thrusters would help at the limits of tire traction (cornering and taking off) but there wouldn't be enough thrust to lift the vehicle. In earthquakes, you won't feel it when underground. Earthquakes are waves on the surface of the earth. I didn't know that until the guide for an underground cavern tour mentioned it.

dlwatib says:

You only need to mention thumbs up, patreon, subscribe and bell once at the end of the video. Any more often or sooner and it becomes unbecoming needy begging and turns viewers off.

dlwatib says:

What? Legacy automakers have "pristine balance sheets"? Obviously you haven't looked at them. Most of them have much worse balance sheets than Tesla does.

Vic Wahby Photography says:

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying it would be interesting to understand the true protection the HEPA filtration systems offer from you-know-what.

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