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Elden Ring – Before You Buy

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ELDEN RING (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is the latest From Software game with new challenges and a vast open world. How is it? Let’s talk.
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Dracolegend says:

My dad got Demon’s Souls along with our Ps5 and I gave it a try but wasn’t a big fan of it. He just picked up Elden Ring and I think I’m gonna like it a lot more than Demon’s Souls

Saint DS says:

This game is on par with skyrim for me (skyrim is my favorite game ever). Nice man, cant wait for what fromsoft is going to do from now.

TheGrayJedi says:

This game looks absolutely epic

QriaxSaiko says:

This gameplay opened my eyes that you don’t always need to fight with a sword. There is magic to be found and learned. Im still new and the sword is all I have. That’s maybe why I’m struggling. Let me find some of these.

I already bought the game tho but this was a nice tutorial for combat. I own a staff, I just need the magic to combo my sword. Very good. Thanks

Tim Terrell says:

This game is boring just like the entire series.

William Jesse says:

George railroad Martin 😂

Ivan Rivas says:

Every single time I see gameplay of this game I see a new enemy or a new armor set or weapon etc. just mind blowing…

John Pinto says:

Big daddy reference = gold

St8kout says:

Before you buy, DON'T BUY! It will be more fun to smash your hand with a hammer.

Astro says:

“Lamb & tuna fish” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Gee Honcho says:

The one that got me hook to the game is the guy who beat my ass repeatedly "pause" with a fucking rose that's crazy 🤣

D B says:

Am I the only one that finds the combat system kind of terrible, especially mounted? The story is also absolute hot garbage, this game is an absolute butterface

malloy stiggles says:

George Raymond Richard Martin?

yyyd says:

The combat in this game is epic

Josh calcutt says:

I am definitely getting this game for my birthday I was decided on it before I watch this video but holy crap the visuals are incredible just a quick question can you get Eldon ring on Xbox One?

Xoduk says:

I'd assume elden ring beats dying light 2 then? Because I pre-ordered that… big mistake! No they'll fix it I trust techland but I kinda wish I got this instead lmfao

MisRedChips says:

This game is defenitly enjoyable and it holds for a lot of time which is really great it has a lot of details into it defenitly gonna buy it somtime i really love this kind of open world games with a bunch of stuff to do!

Liz Connelly says:

Unpopular opinion. This game is trash.

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