E3 Square Enix Summer 2021 Showcase! | Final Fantasy 16?

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E3 2021 is underway this weekend and we are going live to talk about the Square Enix Showcase and witness some of the new games and details live together! Will we see anything on Final Fantasy 16? Forspoken? Maybe Final Fantasy 7 remake part 2? no….Lol but most likely we will be seeing more information finally about Final Fantasy 15! We will be going live 1 hour before the event so we can get everyone joined and ready to get hype together!

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Eddynamite says:

For me it was like this:
Thumbs up for Guardian, Tales of Mana and FF Origins.
Trully disappointed with nothing about FF16 and Ever Crisis.

Vincent Hammons says:

man square enix straight up trash this E3, not one mention of 16 or 7 instead we get this ps3 game origins. I am really angry right now not going to lie.

Adam He says:

I'm always up for expanding the original FF's lore, it'll be CHAOTIC fun clapping Garland's cheeks in HD (seriously though, take a shot everytime they say "CHAOS" in the Stranger of Paradise trailer 🥃😂)

The Great Achiever says:

2:15:00 Yeah that sounds like Cherami Leigh who plays Makoto from Persona 5.
Also Chaos definitely sounds like Chris Sabat.😆🔥

matasuki says:

Couldnt wait Bltzz, finally just shrugged my shoulders and coughed up the money to get a PS5. Will be binge watching your play through a end of the week.

Devante Peterson says:

I saw final fantasy origin true hype for it i want remastered so bad lately

Infinity-MaxX says:

Hey @Bltzz! I just discovered but the trial for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is open on the PS5 UNTIL June 24th. That means you can probably play it now!

Will you? And do you think you could stream it, so that us without a PS5 can see how it looks??

B Bernotus says:

Shadow hearts. Best of all…. Breath of fire 2

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