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Duke Dennis Reacts To Cash vs Brawadis 1v1 Rivalry Basketball Game!

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Duke Dennis Reacts To Cash vs Brawadis 1v1 Rivalry Basketball Game!


Durag Duke says:

Y’all wanna see me and cash 1v1?

COUVAR 123 says:

Chill pause cause know how some OF yall live he ain't lying

Velledouble 0 says:

You and cash should 2V2 somebody , y’all wouldn’t lose 💯

d1_ loveyostepsis says:

duke 1v1 mikey williams

KonTrol Freakz says:

Duke I see you spinning . I’m also a waver and them folks don’t know bout them plastic bag . “ You take that thang , and put that thang on yo hair , that’s how you get them thangs laid down “ 😂😂

Andrew Mata says:

He really said perimeter lockdowns can’t shoot but one of the main badges for that build is shooting 😭

Andrew Mata says:

Waves a strong 9.9

ben wwilson says:

You should run it back with you and your brother vs cash and mal ‼️

lpelts says:

Duke can you make the video that you’re watching louder

Don Novak says:

You made me go grab my brush 💯

Listo • says:

Go against flight

Angel Hermosillo says:

1v1 brawadis he raw he just had a bad game

BS clutch says:

At 8:02 brawids changed his pivot foot

Julio Isthatguy says:

The way his face change when braw hit that three 😂😂😂

ClaudiusMink says:

"that was a flight move" duke got me spitting out my water

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