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Driving While Black REACTION & THOUGHTS

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My reaction to Driving While Black swoozie

Full ORIGINAL video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wlWjSuwcrc

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Wrapped Nut says:

This is the first ever "What it do Flight crew, FTC, FLIGHT TEAM STAND UP!"

enter maters says:

This is my first time watching flight and his laugh makes me laugh so much lol

Sylvia Hoover says:

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Seraphim says:

Flight cannot count for shit

Miscarriagemarty bru says:

Flight can't count for shit


Wed 6 2020 4:20pm

XznoDvine says:

Yo I miss this flight🤣🤣🤣

lizzy Ortiz says:

No hate hear just whenever you laugh keep it a little down that's it

Ddixxm DuBose says:

Flight high 🤣

Gregory Green says:


JR Brooks says:

when your supporting your best friend in a terrible joke :30

JR Brooks says:

When you laugh so tou don't make the person feel Bad cuz it's a bad joke 4:39

JR Brooks says:

When someone say they don't have the money they owe you 3:30

Oni Kenshi says:

I got pulled over. He said "You left your headlights off". I said "Sorry" and turned them on. He said "Get home safely". Cool dude.

Kyleleen Waits says:

Yo lugh wierd but u cool

ellie may says:

What is wrong with this dudes laugh! 😂

mathew alexander says:

5:29 dat laugh doe

ProbablyTheDuo says:

no i can't drive yet

Neon Amp says:

Why dose his laughing sound like a dolphin

Tupac4Life says:

nice vid keep it up

Kristine Stephens says:

Da fu is yo laugh

이진 says:

I got pulled over 3 years ago
And i was so lucky she's my girl for 2and a half years so far
Believe it or not♡


Flight i know how u rocking

Judyann The Comedian says:


Shiva ramnath says:

you do good vied upload bro you got good vibs

Musa Dukuly says:

react to riak how u feel plzzz plzzz plzzzz

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