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Driving while Black pt.3

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Imagine pulling over to send a text then all of a sudden you unlock 5 stars on GTA.

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Vindicta says:

Maybe cops turning off body cams should be considered a felony?

• Mari • says:

How did i not know swoozie met Obama

Jason Oliphant says:

3:32 I think it has to do with the cop… like deadass

MegaGangsta4life says:

Episode III is the best hands down. No 🧢

Marsh says:

I could make 12 of these videos
Me: ok 😐

Oziel Geovani Valencia says:

I feel u swoozie cops are killing people to. SOME COP MACED A LITTLE GIRL

clifton belcher says:

Swoozie I am a kid my mom has been pulled over and they didn't like her ass hurt he is black an when he first came into the window he said how you doing ma'am is your tags off yeah she said that her freaking tag somebody ripped off for tags and the screw came off

Malik Harris says:

There gonna kill you for speakin this truth bruh🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

Julio Rodriguez says:

did this man really interview obama??

J Solomon .Evans says:

i DON'T WANT TO HEAR THIS "Racism on both sides" bullshit it's like someone complaining about the rain to someone whos drowning. People boycotting an actor isnt the same as cops lynching Black people or using prisons as a new form of slavery or not receiving the same level of medical care. That being said I appreciate you bringing it up at all. Using you platform in this way is a great thing to do.

Bad Boy Stuff says:

Swooz wars epizode 3: revenge of da cops

Hat Trick Nick says:

This man speaks the truth so good job for this guy because he’s right

MambaBreezy24 says:

As a Filipino guy who gets the "asian/little brown dude with an accent (tho I aint little) stereotype", this just fuels the frustration even more with people and cops like these.

GG Games says:


Khadija Ba says:

What is the damn point of a body cam if they can regulate it

Matthew Watson says:

I live in Orange County as well I know what you mean it’s pretty bad here I’m sorry bruh that sucks

JG says:

It‘s seriously messed up how under trained and overly arrogant and aggressive cops in America are/can be. But that‘s sadly the price civilians have to pay for shitty government and laws… In Germany you have to train for over 30 months to become a basic cop and then you have to go to university to become an officer and cops over in America are good to go after what 4-6 months? Good god

Alecs. kxt says:

maybe cops just wanna play good cop & bad cop but they are always alone so there is no fucking good cop


This shit pisses me off bruh frfr

Connor Harris says:

Oh my god the same thing happened to me about the license plate light being out….but I’m white

Renegade Pack says:

I needed this video this has happen to me so many times

Hey Y'all Scott Here says:

Swoozie, I love you, but ur wrong

Episode III is not even arguably the best of the original 6

Nah but u right about racism

Weirdo Dingus says:

I like how he casually mentions that he talked to an ex president and continues the video

Adrian Spence says:

All over star wars

Bryan Dennison says:

Go watch some james freeman

con35abc says:

Guys need to come to the UK. Police are completely different, first of all there isnt enough of them to have two of them pull you over 😂

M A says:

Start recording next time you get pulled over from the start so if there is any bullshit the cops tries to charge you for , show the video to judge in court

Tj Benson says:

ACAB til I’m gone.

Christopher Frka says:

Great video 👌🏻. So refreshing from the agenda pushing, biased bullshit shit storm we’re living in right now

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