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Driving while Black pt 3 | sWooZie | AyChristene Reacts

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Driving while Black pt 3 | sWooZie | AyChristene Reacts | AyChristene – Patreon: http://bit.ly/AyChristenePatreon Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SubAyChristene
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ZillaYT says:

Why family doesent really need to worry about cops, but my dad deals a lot with racism in work. Because my family is Spanish. One time my dad needed to buy a car piece for work and the guys didn’t sell it to him because he was Spanish and when I heard my dad tell my mom that I got really mad.

Coconut Chan says:

its hard to feel safe as a young black woman wonder if my mom , dad and sister comes home okay i hope that poeple will understand that

Animated_Marvin β€’ says:


ThecolorfulM says:

I wanna give u a hugs are world is horribel

Jacey Wiley says:

Reactor tabs video

Ryangames [gd] kawaiwatermelon says:

Heyyyyy! Christine!!!!! Watch Jaiden's new vid!!!! Also luv ur content πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

mrgamewatch3000 Holzmann says:

Can you watch a hiest with markiplier

moonie πŸŒ™ says:

some of these comments didn't even watch the video. they're like "watch jaiden's new video" or "lol this is so funny"

Mr. Lee Lee says:

But if the world continues to protest then corona will increase badly. (Black lives matter plz don't hate)


do you play roblox

Savage League says:

Ok idk anymore how is it because they're black I mean like don't the police do that to white people too? Can someone help me understand?

AmaiKiomi says:

You should watch larray's roasts on roblox lol

School is HELL says:


Savage League says:

The racial inequality going on these days are UNBELIEVABLY DUMB!
Like seriously one time Notch said "it's ok to be white" and people thought that was racist against black people so apparently everything is racist if you say "it's ok to be white" that's racist against black people which means if you say "it's ok to be black" then that's racist against white people if a black person is murdered then it's immediately racism but if anyone else is murdered than it's not racist but that's racist against black peoples because they're singling them out from other races and also racist against everyone else for not being black it makes no sense whatsoever

Jennifer Lightfoot says:

Yeah pls watch Jaiden's new vid

PAC Plays says:

Watch pennywise vs groot

MinuΘ› Andrei says:

it's so horrible (me and my parents being white) a couple of my ''friends'' say hey look at that man at any white men but when a black man walks around my ''friends'' being so ''nice'' LoOk At ThOsE N words but don't just say n word say the actuall word and i'l be like that's offensive they being like no it's not it's just a word im like are you sure you ok ?

Maja Ramonaite says:

Watch keep talking and no one will explode by random encounters!

Fox says:

Police as we know it were actually created in britain (before U.S slavery times)and were just normal soldiers that handled civilian cases

nugghetto says:

Lol could you watch sWooZies newest video, he got hella stories

hunter pasatiempo says:

Watch another sander side vid <3

Niyaz TV Channel says:

Weird genius lathi

cute jada says:

If it were the opposite they would want to be black and they take all the credit for building America We are not going to stay quiet no more

Justand says:

It's time to abolish the police ( lets be honest, that time was decades ago already)

Ttvnog says:

How does she have 484k subs she deserves 4.3M

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