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Driving while Black (pt.2)

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I’ve met some cool cops in my life… I’ve also met some not so cool ones. Shared a little bit of this story a few years back but thought I’d finally give you guys the full story.

▼Watch more:
Freaky Dreams: https://youtu.be/1M2TMJ87ZF4
Driving while Black (pt.1): https://youtu.be/-wlWjSuwcrc

Mystery Video: https://youtu.be/zS1cLOIxsQ8

8 bit “Dirt Off your Shoulders” mix: https://youtu.be/LtBa8ydHcYY

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Landen Gilliard says:

Git outtda cawr noew

Rajjaah TGE says:

“I’m black and male so that’s 3 strikes” ❌🧢

Raphael Somto says:

Its not unusual to be loved had me rotfl
Isn't the cop opening his trunk illegal or something

E.N. Rush 拉什 says:

Long game racial profiling cop 0 sWooZie 1

TheElectricCherry says:

Buy a dash cam, one with a camera in the front and the back.

Driea Lewis says:


Raquel White says:

They crazy, I'm really not liking the cops now.

IAmLmystery says:

police force more like racist force E


Alien Slayer says:

nigga said carlton !!

Darnell Frison says:

Black lives matter

J Allen says:

Do not ever let a cop search your car without a warrant. That gives them an opportunity to plant evidence and haul you off.

Milky Way Chances says:

Maybe it isn't as common outside of where I live, but cops also have a tendency to profile young people and more specifically young men of any race, and I have experienced similar harassment just for being an 18 year old "suspiciously" standing around somewhere, or just being in a group of young people at night. To be fair though, in my area a lot of young people are doing bad things. I think some of the cops think they're doing the right thing, potentially taking a preventative measure based on a statistic, but the issue is when they won't admit they're wrong. It wouldn't be such a problem if they would just run your info and say sorry have a nice day, instead of trying to come up with bullshit to justify themselves

coverslyrics - says:

idk why youtube recommend me this RIGHT NOW

98 Jacobson says:

I hate cops

Yvette Ihemesinwa says:

My name is Yvette too… Its kinda funny hearing you saying my name over and over again…

Korban McCleave says:

Police dumb

Mary S says:

Wow I can not believe how shady these cops are and instead of getting better they let people like this be cops or worse and tragedies keep happening. I'm over all this racist shady police stuff. They should ALL be forced to wear their body cam on and if it "malfunctions" or they turn it off while on duty they get suspended without pay for a few days, and continue that a few times then final warning at 4th time and fired. No more chances for these psychos. And they should all be forced to take a lie detector test old and new to get an idea of who they really are no one is the same as they are in interviews. It literally makes me sick what happen to George Floyd and so many others should never happen. N it's asshole cops testing their limits and harassing innocent people to see what they can get away with that are most likely becoming these murderers.

narmaK says:

Oh yeah it’s relevant

TheNJfusionguy says:

People are saying what the cop did is illegal and Swoozie should told the cop no, you can't search but uhhh… You really can't do that when you're black. You better believe that if Swoozie refused the cop he'd try to arrest him or worse.

Omnipat mathews says:

Are you suuure ur not joking i mean im indian this just seems so impossible

Spider Knight310 says:

Yo Daytona be crazy tho

General Bacardi says:

But how many times have you been sucker punched while being white?

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