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Driving While Black Part 3/3: The Evidence

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Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=2wKfjMFd3qE
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha_f9EIkZiY&feature=youtu.be

This was a long stop that we ended up breaking up into 3 parts: The Arrest, The Search, The Evidence.

While they may have had reason to make an arrest, the question comes from how/why they were stopped. Were they racially profiled? Make your own decision.

We are not trying to imply anyone is racist here.


MrJimmy1437 says:

Who is this asshole sticking his nose in. If I was the cop , I send him packing in a hurry!

MrJimmy1437 says:

Who is this asshole questioning this women about the policeman?  He is the bastard that should go to jail!

Amos Isreal says:

Racial profiling in auto theft

tony jimenez says:

I recently got pulled over because my paper plates didnt come back with any info on my car, but the funny thing is i had barely pulled out of a gas station and the cops pulled from the middle lane to my lane (left turning lane) i didnt speed, cut off a car, or anything. But yet he followed me all the way to 35. He even admitted to watching me pull in the gas station so he was watching for a good while since i stopped for gas.

Mike Bim says:

You are very trusting of these cops cause they will plant shit in ur car.

Lewis Cleveland says:

How ever it happened it would be really nice to know what really happened.

Mac's Travels says:

The cop obviously violated their civil rights for stopping them for driving while black. He should lose his badge and do time.

Barry Allender says:

They need an Attorney. Dig into the pc for the stop. Why was tag run? Did the Officer run every tag he saw or did he select them? If so why? If you can strip away the running of their tag their case will fail.

xenaguy01 says:

5:20 What you just said is probably right, however, it is possible that the COPS could have read the FRONT tag as the car approached them, and got the result in mere seconds from Dispatch. It is MUCH more likely that the COPS saw two blacks driving, pulled a You-ie, and then stopped them while running the tag.
10:45 They probably did tell him what the charges are, but they don't have to be courteous to his wife. They will let him tell her what the charges are when they let him out. (Which, by the way, I sincerely doubt will be in less than 4 hours.)

fred richardson says:

it is a pig station

valentino galaviz says:

three moose light , gimme a break

Max’s Fight says:

Another police officer caught red handed bullshitting!! Racially motivated again. Walking around in circles like a jackass. Scum and they wonder why they are disliked bye so many!

seanspawn says:

Its such a shame people especially coloured feel the need to heve a camera running when they encounter police.

Joel Velasquez says:

And this is America's finest
And to protect and serve

Ross At-a-loss says:

In the UK the police cars which are fitted with Automatic Numberplate Recognition can virtually read the plate from any angle now. Within seconds they know wether the car is insured and who is on the policy, registered owners and any known banned drivers associated with the car and MOT/Road worthy within seconds. We also have the same cameras and system positioned remotely at strategic locations on the city roads and our main highways. So effectivley were being policed without the actual police officers being there.

leomikie says:

isn't this the same place where 2 different truck drivers lost their trucks to asset forfeiture accused of accidents that didn't happen. probably 2 years ago

Dirk Diggler says:

Until the Black man changes his persona this is what u got

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