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Driving While Black Part 1/3: The Arrest

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Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha_f9EIkZiY&feature=youtu.be
Part 3: https://youtu.be/6rpyVrTkGFI

This was a long stop that we ended up breaking up into 3 parts: The Arrest, The Search, The Evidence.

While they may have had reason to make an arrest, the question comes from how/why they were stopped. Were they racially profiled? Make your own decision.

We are not trying to imply anyone is racist here.


carolyn childers says:

Don't get arrested for no insurance what the deal with this I don't want go through this city that what they do it's wrong theses cops need to be fired

Glenn Garner says:

0:49 this is stupid those cops pulled that guy over just so they can do that to him how dumb I think those cops need to be fired for this stupid crap

Sebastian Uche says:

is this in GA

Sebastian Uche says:

What county is this

Michael Turnipseed says:

Does the police force not have a health or physical fitness requirement anymore? And how many brain cells do you need to be a cop? All cops should be given an IQ test

fred richardson says:

god that is a really fat ass pig


Next time you get pulled over by these pigs, I suggest you DO NOT talk so much dear brother. your private life is non of their business.

Isis Montgomery says:

This makes me sick to my stomach i hate thugs they're nothing but gang bangers in blue freaking coward punk bitches wouldn't approach a real criminal so they hold regular citizens for ransom freaking bitches. Ftp

Christian D says:

Give him a break u c this muthafukas in his house shoes

L&M Daskievige says:

According to channel (SNAFU radio) there are only 3 municipal cops in Carrollton that are certified to actually write or enforce the Texas transportation laws. How many traffic officers do they actually have writing tickets in Carrollton? So in other words all the other officers writing tickets are not legally allowed to pull you over and write tickets. They are perpetrating fraud on the people to generate revenue for the city. The DA and the judge should also know this let alone the chief of police. So they are also in collusion of the fraud. I say do a FOIA request to find out which officers they are. Then file a FOIA request for tickets that all the other officers have written in the last few months. IF any of them have written traffic tickets/citations that were not dismissed or thrown out, then you have your evidence of fraud an collusion from the police , city and courts.

King Zartan says:

cops are pieces of shit!!! the lowest of all creations!!! but, a citizen not knowing his/her constitutional rights is even lower looking up at these ass holes!!!

GenXisT says:

why why why is he talking so much? he should have nothing to say to these cops? there's never a reason to talk to the police. and I mean NEVER!

Deeno says:

ur crazy if u dont think they would do this same exact shit to a white guy…..seems as somebodys white guilt is pouring out in the description


yeah but in Detroit Michigan driving with no insurance is a real problem. You have mostly the black minority who doesn't buy car insurance because it's too damn expensive. Then they drive around town with no insurance and constantly injure other people and those other people are left to pay hospital bills that they cannot afford so they lose their life savings trying to pay for an injury caused by someone else. So how are they supposed to deal with this issue of people driving with no insurance I am torn on this situation because I have been on the receiving end of a black driver with no insurance which cost me thousands of dollars.

George Garcia says:

Don't explain yourselves to these motherfuckers.

opichocal says:

They are like sharks looking for their next victim to suck that bank account dry. It's all about money and they need cash flow to operate

QuietBoyMusik says:

The police hate when you hold them accountable and video tape them. I do it all the time…

RibbitHopX says:

TexasSure is the program that receives reports from your insurance company on your status. That information goes into the ALPR database. Here's an appeals court case talking about an ALPR alert after having scanned a tag. From 2011 https://www.thenewspaper.com/rlc/docs/2011/tx-alpr.pdf

James Justice says:

The man who was stopped talked way too much in this situation. I am not a lawyer but it appears they had no probable cause to stop him? Passenger has nothing to with this yet they get up into her stuff. This is another great example of how the police trample our rights.

Tiger1971 says:

Why is she allowing the officer to search her purse? They are so afraid to refuse because they think they are going to get shot or beaten.

daytona1212 says:

Why are these cops even talking to the passenger? She's not the one driving the car.

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