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Driving While Black In America

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Animation story of the time I was pulled over by the police for driving while black (D.W.B)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timelesslivin/


Timeless Tim says:

Thanks for the luv and support guys. This is a special video to all of us.

goku black says:

Yayyyy, more bedtime stories

Vuyo Ranela says:

Just don't judge

Vuyo Ranela says:

Never got pulled over

Raging_ Nate says:

Dwb stands for brown and black

FishingMaster Studios says:

I seriously don't understand why cops have to be so damn racist, like this is pathetic, this is why I too am not a fan of officers and I'm white, black people should be treated as equally as whites, glad you didn't get arrested man, and yes not all are bad but there are still bad apples out there who would need to be kept in check so that they don't go murdering for dumb reasons


When I get sad I click on this guys video but this video hit different

JJ uploads says:

2:06 my girl got her whole world rocked

Renato Costa says:

Holy shit this is amazing

Teaching Teachers says:

Man I got emotional

Irene Koyagialo says:

You live in Atlanta dame

Rashad Montrose says:

Hey I am from Massachusetts

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