Dream exposes Georgenotfound | Hilarious stream highlights

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This stream was hilarious here are just a few funny moments of Dream exposing George’s pictures, leaking information about past streams and being sad after getting rejected by George to be his valentine. If you want to watch the streams live follow georgenotfound on twitch…

Original stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/905567347
Georgenotfound twitch: https://twitch.tv/georgenotfound
Georgenotfound YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GeorgeNotFound


Caitlyn Reisert says:

Dream doesn't laugh……. he wheezes lmaoooooo

Also george's reaction to the feet pics… im dead


( thank you for 4 likes 🙂 )

anguisss_ says:

That's masterpiece

Panic! At The Everywhere says:

"George i have that excellent picture of you on all fours"
Dream: chokes on water whAt?

Ffion Sayce-Jones says:

Dreams laugh is honestly almost as top tier as Stampys

nina says:

let’s be real, dream only exposed george because he likes to see him all flustered and blushing 😀

Lana is life says:

I knew it wasn’t just feet pic lol

aubrey lynn says:

i love dreams laugh

_nixh _sami says:

Dream's laugh is everything

シSunflwxer says:

THANK YOU FOR THIS SO MUCH, you gathered all my fav parts :)))

Kayden Fiske says:

I love how I just got jump scared when I selected this video. (By dreams fat fking wheeze)

Karissa PANG [08F] says:


JUSTME says:

3:35 in poi

Adana says:

his laugh is sooo contagious oml

SAJ Kid says:

Dream: Mom, no , he broke up with me, he said it's over.(Tear drops)

- MhCatLover - says:


Ina Zhou says:

Dream's laugh is SO contagious, like can he even breath at this point?

Edit: holy CRAP that's a lot of likes, like top comment? tysm!

grace mae says:

that slight moan george made at 7:05 (9:35 you can hear it too) 😂😂

Just _Jenna_ Playz says:

Guys guys I have something important to say

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kaijuno says:

This absolutely killed me, thank you for the video!!

Carmansworld says:


Carmansworld says:

Georgette is like-plz help meee🥲

Carmansworld says:

Dream:flash on it on stream
George:You WaNT Me To FlAsH ON sTReaM😂😆

Hailey Grullon says:

That stream KILLED me! I couldn't even sleep last night because it was out so late where I lived. But yet again, I do not live in regret. XD

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