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DPHQ2 Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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Quinn Sampson says:

0:40 the gong says wuhan

Edwin Salgado says:

All the dislikers are salty because they don’t have an office like this

JME says:

Think you guys need a swimming pool, ball pit, and a trampoline area like Jump 360

JME says:

Somehow thinks Dude Perfect made a prophecy about the Corona, it says Wuhan on the Gong

Like if you notice the Gong as well

Human With A Name says:

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years I remember getting the notification and being so exited that they got a whole new amazing HQ

Zion i edhel says:

@ 4:00 tylor is holding wuhan drum plate. Careful bro.

Ryan Christiano says:

They need a new desk to make a new series. Oh. 😏

Harry Lovett-Heeps says:

U also need an AFL field and American footy

AGM AnimeGamer says:

0:41 is that wuhan?

Glenn Brown says:

i think you need a wall climbing wall and i would recommend it in the right of the basket ball court plz like if you agree 😀

Mila Turturova says:

2020 anyone?

Cody Bray says:

How is the roof on this warehouse of yours?? Let me know.

superhero cool says:

You need a theater screen

Paul Jacob says:

you need flim center in your DPHQ2

Mr. Pufferfish says:

Does anyone know who Jeff toney on the door 1:41

Catriona McDonogh says:

Love 💕 you 💕

Dane Overdorf says:

anybody see the end, when cody took cory's hat off. Btw you should adda field goal net, with yellow lines on the net

Ruchika Jain says:

They need to learn cricket and have a mini stadium

ITS VIK says:

“I’m Jamming his Sonar”


O I Know what you need, how about a soccer stadium and a frikin formula 1 race track.


Yoshi Junior says:

1:19 Ty: …OOPS

canada life says:

youneed a gaming room like if agree

Rebecca Deckard says:

I think you need a baseball field outside. It’s your choice!

Noah Hossler says:

Who else noticed that the gong at 0:40 said Wuhan, the city that the virus started in

Parul Bansal says:

5:24 I need dude perfect membership….
Who else needs one? Make it blue guys….

I’m an American Redneck says:

They need a shooting range

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