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Dogs Finally Reunited With Adorable Little Girl After 10 Days Apart! (Cutest Ever!!)

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Amelia and Shane have been away in Manchester visiting family (and buddy!) for 10 days! Longest we’ve ever been apart but she had the most amazing time! Em stayed home Nathan and the pets.
She came home and was so eager to see Nathan! The dogs were so excited to find her! Amelias new favourite game is hide and seek! All she wanted while away was her little brother Nathan thought she kept telling everyone about him, oh and her new shoes Daddy bought her!

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Jorge Roman says:


Paul Tannenberg says:

Phil is truly a caring dog. It has been a gift to see him dish out live and shenanigans. ❤

dean Schneck says:

Beautiful children! Beautiful malamutes!

Manuel Vargas says:

Cute 🦮🐈😊

Michele K says:


Alexandria Collins says:

You can tell that they're brother-&-sister; they have the same smile.

Anne Dwyer says:

OMG Nathan is so cute🥰

JeffreyHM says:

Pretty soon Nathan will tower over Amelia, likely. Great video of everybody!!

pebsandbam says:

This is the second “cutest ever” click bait video that’s popped up in my feed of this family. I definitely need to re-filter what content gets through because if I have to listen to the sound of that woman’s voice ONE MORE TIME…..🤨🔪🩸

French Kiss says:

It’s wonderful how you have Amelia make a real connection with Nathan.

Elias Pantoja, Jr. says:

Dogs: one of us!

Horst Michel says:

Teddy seems to be an old dog n' a lil ill!

Vibhav Gadre says:

So cute, Nathan is the star of the show!

Josie Davis says:

So cute ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜💖🥰😎👍💯

Tekesha Coles says:

Absolutely beautiful….the entire family…I love watching this video!!!

Ultradude says:

If this brings a smile to my face, I'd think this brings a smile to everyone else watching.

Betty Slawinski says:

Making me cry 😢😢

Jackie Seaman says:

So adorable 💙🥰

Ramaiah Subbaiah says:

Pets cannot forget Childern Home
And owne even many More. Indian


Probably the most wonderful video that we have ever seen. Amelia and Nathan just love each other. Super cute !!!

Calvin Fujii says:

Nathan doesn't know what's going on, but he's just as happy to see his big sister again!

Jessica Greenlove says:

In few years after Nathan is away like Amelia did, he will be running around the house barking like grown pup to become dog as Niko, Phil, and Teddy will all be silent watching him Emma dealing with those 4 be handful.

Cuong Jay says:

They are kind parents and kind dog owners! I wish you all happy years and more!

Brian Breckler says:

To an American ear, that British expression 'cheeky monkey's is always amusing, but hearing Amelia say it is absolutely funny

Linda says:

Sweet family 4 and 2 legs.❤

Animal Monkey 왕국 says:

I can't handle all the cuteness!

Peachy Vines says:

Nathan is definitely loving his big sister….so adorable together!! ❤❤❤

Independent Conversations Show says:

She's getting so big so fast

Ilona Gruszeczka says:

I just loved your video beginning with all the dogs who are so beautiful and then your daughter she was exceptional and the dog sure loved her and then her kitty cat and her baby brother I think you said it was well she is just full of love and she can give love and take love and that’s what’s gonna make her a wonderful little girl growing up with all those animals her baby brother and all the dogs it’s just a miracle looking family I loved your video thank you❤ I ❤❤😊

Bob Talley says:

They certainly love one another.

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