Dog Rescued From Side Of Road Gives His Cat Friend Kisses | The Dodo Foster Diaries

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He’s so happy to be safe, he can’t stop kissing his new cat best friend ❤️️

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And thanks to Calvin for helping to rescue Ike, you can check him out on Instagram:

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Karen Reardon says:

So with all the money that is donated to the Humane Society you mean to tell me they couldn't foot the bill for this poor dog!!

Mâñjíro Sànö says:

May God bless them ❤️❤️🙏

Lisa Wise says:

Calvin has got a heart of gold and he is a man of integrity. I love this man

Tanja K says:

I think it is so sad to break that bond between Ike and the other animals apart. I don't know, I think I could not foster. I would fail every single time.

Kathy Hempel says:

Thank you for being a good person.

cmac3p0 says:

God bless the two of you 🙏🏾

annacolleen says:

Angels among us. Thank God for rescuers.

Josie Cloud says:

Is there an update on Ike’s journey?

meg grotte says:

Hey Calvin thanks for doing a good thing. The voice you heard that's God. One night when I was driving in Taiwan I'm an American but I live in Taiwan. I was driving and God told me that he takes care of every dog.
I had a lot of experiences where God asked me to care for a person or a dog both were usually homeless.
I have a feeling you might come from a Christian background.
All I can say is listen to a pastor named Mark Driscoll it'll blow your mind

Kristie Norman says:

Thank u n God bless u both!! Love you're story!!

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