DISGRACE!!! – Reaction To AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder Draw

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AnEsonGib vs Taylor Holder ended in a draw in what was a shambles of a boxing event.

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Nocturnal says:

Absolute fuckery

Chain Gang says:

How can you watch that match and score a draw

David Savage says:

I feel like it's a tradition to watch this vid every now and again

kumayl gaming says:

But at least bryce hall lost 🤣

V K says:

8:50 majority draw

Mohamed Motaleb says:


distance between stars says:

8:52 totally right

Hayden Gobel says:

Even with the fight being overturned, they robbed Gib of that moment in the ring, what fuckery

ch studio says:

I swear to god if the fight went another round or two tayler would of gotten knocked out.

Greis Prifti says:

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juleybeeb says:

Boycott social gloves

Max Hughes Gray says:

I was so pissed along with Brian when I saw this live, gibbo should have easily won that. It's great that it was all overturned.

Platinum Football says:

POV:Gib won 2 Days later

Novaz says:

The ads are cancer.

Lawrence Saunders says:

saw Lawrence (fellow Lawrence) the other week outside Fulham Broadway. Proper nice guy.

A. says:

You know it was a scam the whole time the commentators were chearing for holder untill match ended

Van Huynh says:

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mystical being89 says:

i don't even know these guys and never watched the fight why am i watching this

Bailee Cameron says:

It’s so funny watching true geordie rage

Didier Drogba says:

It's a disgrace it's a fucking disgrace

Putkimies22 says:

Well he won now

I Am Angel says:

the reaction from the ref says it all tbh

Dan Noble says:

Do u have to put ur credit card in the app to get £200

Lewis Nicholls says:

What a joke

Mike's Comic Facts says:

8:53 Can we just stop to appreciate the fact that TG is wearing a shirt that says "Stay Sane" as he goes f***ing nuts at the result 😂😂

is anything real says:

Stay sane love it

The says:

Yay overturned.

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