Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (Mazde Remix)

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Blows your mind!
Download the original… http://bit.ly/1rBvxW1




Sheepy tees

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Louis Cotta says:

A 1:00 pour les connaisseurs : Meeeeeh

Laxy #saveralph says:

Akıl Sağlını Kaybet.

MTB-Gear says:

oh, shit, thats good for my high. thx youtube

Muhamet Bardhi says:

Those who have disliked this song , can you please indicate a reason or you’re the haters ? 😅

Narmina Nara says:

Why I can’t find this song on iTunes?(((

Michel Martínez says:

Dios nos hizo a su imágen y semejanza

Tal rasha says:

i remember hearing this when i was in my moms belly, ahh the good old days.

Zhonnia Clah says:

It makes me want to dance like I don't have a spine🥰

liz says:

please put this on Spotify

Just a Southern Man says:

14's summer back in the days when I was high on Music

Rekha Shankar says:

Why is this song not on Spotify 😭


Always hit same 🙂

Managing Prosperity says:

Please if anyone knows of more songs that sound this satisfying let me know! Thanks ((:

Mr.Rampage Xx1xX says:

too much energy

Bogdan Nita says:

I remember this song..în 2015..2016..I some Club..with my wife. having fun..its still fresch in my mind..în my hart..she whoaz very happy..I love this song

Jr PeP says:

What a disaster of a remix.

Himanshu thakur says:

the goto song when i am high..

Vlad XShot says:


Gabriela Pîrvu says:

Our souls connecting while listening to this song✨

dhritiman chowdhury says:

The second drop is still one of the smoothest ones I have ever heard 🔥

Calm Adventures says:

I got this track at least 100k views

Raivis says:

You know that you are in the right place and time when you can't tell if picture is moving or standing still.

Lee VanZant says:

My favorite part is @3:04 when someone in the studio left their car door open and leaves it open for the remainder of the song

Tanay Kumar says:

0:59 🔥🔥🔥🔥

LeglessLex says:

To be no1 yet everyone like people have no idea what life is

karnokrat says:

I need this on spotify soooooooo badly ! I've been listening to it since 2014 and it's a masterpiece !

loza kis says:

omgggg, this hit right in the spot wtfff im so happy that i got recommended this song thx yt

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