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Dev Diaries #1: Nether Update

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The Nether Update is approaching, are you ready for the darker side of Minecraft? The first step is finding out more about the Nether game design, Piglins, Hoglins, Striders, and Crying Obsidian, all of which are conveniently detailed in this video! The second step? Working up the courage to actually get there. If you have any tips on how to be brave, please leave them in the comment section. Seriously. The Nether is a scary place.


Lisbeth Skogland says:

Where is the castles!?

Barry Costello says:

Pls put more stuff in the overworld

Grzegorz Lucka says:

Do nether village

miggy gaspar says:

Can you get Piglin brute

Adam Plays MC says:

After a few secs: R.I.P pigstep.

Allen Dee says:

Minecraft made a cave update

kathomi migue says:

just one more update plz 🙁


Texture pack update mob and block


Ben Türk yapımı oyun yaptım


Bizi geçemzsiniz


Heyyy olum Biz Türkiye

Belle Pe says:

Agnes:The nether is driffent in the overworld
Me:so its the underworld

Joe Edmonson says:

Pigstep sounds great thx

Pupy_ 212 says:

i like the update but my minecraft is stuck on the red loading screen

gloxinnia12tdh says:

pongan minecraft gratis cuerdas de mmgv

•Urieleishon El Mago • says:

Fans when every single update comes out: the next one will be the cave update, i can feel it.

Heptic on iPad says:

Water :yay I got an update,nether:let’s goooooooo cave:😐 waiting patiently for update

super gaming101 says:

I would love to see a vegan crafting recipe for beds in game

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