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gay vampire says:

Thank you for mentioning that bit about the nude child being weird in the context of surgery is the new sex. I also felt it was weird and giving confusing messages.

White Bread says:

I work in surgery and I could not get into this movie, not because of the “ gore” but because of the atmosphere. The disgusting toilet at the beginning, Vigo always gagging and his strained voice like he was about to puke, the gross looking quiche he was always trying to eat. I didn’t finish watching it. Possessor was worth more of my time.

Kitters McKittens says:

The thing about the child, I completely agree. In any context, actually, I find it inappropriate. There could be no other redeeming factors for the movie. Not sorry, no nude children on film for me. Disgusting.

jwpnycev says:

Had to bail on this video as the preamble to the actual review was still slogging on after 7 minutes.

Ferntin says:

You didn't get the message it's okay.

Ethan Perez says:

I just finished this film and I'm honestly still processing how I feel about it. However, my initial thoughts after it (and during) are that it felt like a darker toned, bleaker, and somehow even stranger take on Repo: The Genetic Opera. Don't get me wrong, these two films are wildly different from each other, but at the same time they are kinda sister films in that these are the only two movies I can think of that explore this concept of wide spread accepted and even romanticized surgery.

Honest Comments says:

It was disgusting…disgusting…disgusting.

Jacobie Woods says:

I think a key element that you neglected to mention was the topic of evolution. There was a few points that you forgot to include about this world that sheds a light on a few of the more nuanced scenes and suggestions. For instance, they no longer feel pain and nobody gets disease. “Surgery is the new sex” is a result of that “evolution”
In the end it became a philosophical question on what it means to be human and FEEL an authentic human experience. It takes a step away from the “ surgery is the new sex” angle and instead uses it as contrast to give the ending more significance. In the end, his acceptance of his evolutionary needs gives him relief and he has a genuine feeling.
The whole point of the kid was meant to show the potential of humanity if we treated evolution as a tool rather than demonizing it or creating a sort of fetish from it.

cesco1892 says:

So, to make it simple, you didnt understand the movie, that's why u didnt like it. Sounds like a lazy way to review a movie, especially when u said its ur job. U also said that u dont like the combination horror+sex but if u think about it they are the same genre in the sense that they show the audience what is somewhat forbidden (blood and nudity). Regarding the whole explanation thing, it happened the same with a movie called Captive State. People were all confused by the way the story was told because the essence of those movies lie in detalis, if u miss even a glimpse or a dialogue you're lost for the whole movie and i love it since it is so rare to find nowadays.
Everyone has a different opinion and its totally fine, the whole point of this movie was to confuse people and make them think, even if just for 5 minutes.

Andrew Grove says:

Videodrome is a good one too

Kevin Kraus says:

For Me XX is a very bad movie bad mask bad actors bad kills and cringe this movie also was useless

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