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Crash Bandicoot 4: New Gameplay Shows New Tricks, Returning Moves

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Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time brings the franchise back to its roots later this year, and IGN has a look at a little bit more gameplay, showcasing a pirate-themed level and some of the new and returning gameplay tricks and moves the sequel is bringing.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time will hit PS4 and Xbox One on October 2.

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IGN says:

For those wondering, the shark crate aside at the end is a total goof on my part, I'm well aware that it's not an actual collectible crate. It's just such a fun, environmental touch that I wanted to point it out for fun. – Jonathon

Dman Skinny says:

Shark crate is only for decoration. 4/10 – IGN

Luis heller says:

hey la verdad re lindo video lo disfrute bastante espero el siguiente éxito me retiro les envio kisses agradecido

Alexander G. says:

g, the only thing that annoys me is the yellow circle underneath Crash when jumping high. In my humble opinion it ruins the atmosphere of the game. It distorts the immersion of the game visually and also the gameplay itself by making things easier. I find this unnecessary and I hope there is a toggle in the options menu to turn it off in the final release. Other than that the game looks fantastic!

Not Friendly Name says:

Looks like a really fun game

Liiz Pem says:

These graphics at this resolution and FPS is only possible because of the special ssd

roham parsa says:

His voice is like a nail on a chalkboard

iStatiic- Tank says:

Will this be on the switch

Sergio Chanez says:

¿Does anybody take serious this guy anymore?

Muhammad Nazrin says:

Can't wait to die for nth time before I can pass the next level.

MuscledRMH says:

Looks great! Hopefully this is a true successor to the original trilogy. I love that it is no longer a Playstation only game, which means I can play it on my Xbox! Still not sure why Sony let this IP go as an exclusive? Always associated Crash with PS1 and PS2 and still do.

JediMindTrickz says:

The crash redesign is really annoying tho. I prefer the remastered version of crash.

Nolan Weaver says:

After this game is released they should make a crash bandicoot sports game that's neither kart racing or party game, like baseball or basketball for example. Sounds more than a great idea to me.

Richard hoof says:

I"m vibrating for this !!

Andrej Manev says:

what about switch?.. 😭

Cazacu John says:

Batman Arkham Knight and Dead Space working PS5?

Panos K says:

Awesome graphics but really seems aged in gameplay terms.
Character walking has no grip… And also a fixed camera behind the player?? Even super Mario 64 had better camera.

Dalila Watts says:

I'm sure the shark crate is just for decoration.

Tyrese Finney says:

Now give us Spyro 4

Prince Afrika says:

Wish they kept the og artwork. It really annoyed me when they gave crash those tattoos.
Also the camera seems too far back.
Really wish ND could get the rights back and make this

Conner Pearson says:

Why couldn’t crash 4 come out on switch though man!!!??

Cary Cornell says:

Wow 22 years was worth it .

Surj Das says:

Like a 3D Diddy's Kongquest

Xtreemo says:

I hope this comes for PC as well, as I have no PS4 to play it.

The Farming Airgunner says:

Day one buy for me! Now make a proper Spyro 4!!!

Band_Aid says:

You missed like half the wumpa fruit my guy

Aman Ishaq says:

Hope there's a very easy mode.

Morgan says:

I don't want to watch any spoil the game. So can anybody tell me if it'll have co-op mode? Two players trying to survive together online or split screen?

OpenTheVoid says:

Why is this douchebag talking over the video, we arent thick.

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