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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Officially Rated in Taiwan! Full Reveal Incoming

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Crash is finally back in a brand new game. Crash Bandicoot 4 : It’s About Time has leaked via a Taiwan rating including the box-art, a summary of the story, & even more!

SOURCE: https://www.gematsu.com/2020/06/crash-bandicoot-4-its-about-time-rated-for-ps4-xbox-one-in-taiwan

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sunpi says:


Jeremy Graffox says:

Spyro being in competition might be sufferable consider it's Silver reward. Crash has this all the way.

If Activision would bring the original codes of the three Spyro's that would be fine though Spyro is well.. very needs to get back to the roots in humor before smoothing off the sales of Crash.

It would be a embarrassment if Spyro 4 was released since the Reignite Trilogy just didn't get that gold.

I will still be waiting for the original codes for the three Spyro's to be made with the humor or blow some dust off for internity of playing the PSX Trilogy instead.

Mods isn't the please it's how it flows.

Also don't dare use Crash to help Spyro Everytime it doesn't hit it's mark because that would hurt the Crash reputation to stay a float and should stay because it is doing actually really good.


We told them to remake crash bash, there is enough crash bandicoot already

prospineshank says:

Hope they improve the story, world and gameplay and it's not 1996 anymore.

Donmcron333 says:

I'm so ready for this. I was actually replaying some of the second game earlier today. I love platform games.

K-Bridge DaPrince says:

I be today we ain't gone get no trailer and these images are fake watch what i tell u😂😂😂😂how can they make a new case early and tge game haven't came out yet

GoTi4No says:

I hope it will have more free exploration like Twin Sanity was, i just don't want levels i want it to be more like Spyro

[Elon Muks] says:


Ethan The Gamer says:

crash 4: here

Description: Wrath Of Cortex


GTXBlade says:

This looks exciting but what I really want is twin sanity remastered but with the same soundtracks

Weegeelovania says:

Crash 4 was name of japaneese version of wrath of cortex.

The Last Moogle says:

What is it about? **its about time**

Piero Minaya Rojas says:

Hopefully this will be the TRUE Crash Bandicoot 4

No Name says:

I found it on the PS store now and was shocked. But its labeled as a bundle.

Jay Silva says:

I really hope this doesn't do a wrath of cortex. I remember they had like 5 masks.

Gary Simpson says:

I have recently been playing though the n sane trilogy for the first time and hearing there's going to be a fourth one makes both worried and excited

watcher guy says:

Plants vs. Zombies 2 called, they want their secondary title (or whatever it actually called) back!

MegaMan Warriors says:

If only Klonoa could make a return…..

Patrick Gaming6497 says:

Its a bit funny because pvz 2 just so happens to have the slogan “its about time”

Callum Edwards says:

Release is on my birthday
Me: y e s

Chris says:

Hated the title “it’s about time” until John mentioned the description of the story and i was like ooooooh okay that’s a funny double entendre

Omar says:

I will be depressed if this turns out dissapointing

Nivest says:

It pisses me off that the game developers care so little about the Lord that they will just forget about the second half of the freaking series

Ladykiller Awesome says:

Is this a prank? I've been click baited before

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