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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time – Official Reveal Trailer

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Crash is back! For a… fourth installment? This is the official sequel to Crash Bandicoot 3, with all new powers and worlds to explore.


Bex says:

I love it how they broke the 4th wall in the end

Hussein Abdelaziz says:

Isnt crash wrath of cortex is the next game for crash 3?

Alison Kirsch says:

Almost looks like a movie trailer

The WigMeister says:

Really looking forward to this game. “The Funk Soul Brother” is a brilliant touch to it. Wonder what the new powers will be like. This should be fun 🔥🔥🔥🎮🎮🎮

Movies with friends says:

Is this coming to switch?


I won’t write the script of this on this comment

RedEnvelopeMedia says:

No Tawna you get no mawna

GameKeeper28 says:

New Crash Bandicoot. New Ratchet and Clank. Now if we can only get a Jak & Daxter 4 or Sly 5 on the PS5

Matthew Pantig says:

NICE! time to hear again the "PRUDAGA TUGTUGTUG!" power-up!!!

dot says:

i wish crash was voiced by david hayter soo he can do the snake voice while he says "woah"

Gael Pomajulca says:

They were copied from pvz? in the name

Kenny Cornelis says:

I love it.
And I Realy love
His new look.

And I'm already a fan
Of that last mask.

Tilly Tube 4 5 6 says:

Can't wait for it

Spikà says:

I have no idea what Crash's skin looks like because of the damn video.. link … thingy.

Zerin BH says:

Crash 4: only 3
All other crash games : Realy seemed like more

Dominic S. says:

“How many times have you beaten this clown anyway?”


“Really, only three?”

<Crash nods>

“Funny, seemed like more…”

So I guess we are scrapping the entire series after Warped?

ruandutradeandrade1 says:

I hate it. New fail design, new uka uka…

Drew J. says:

So, we've got Crash 4 trailer. Where's Spyro 4 trailer??

sonicfangamer2006 says:

Caddy: Wrath of Cortex is basically Crash 3 on Steroids.
Toys for Bob: Hold my Jigzaw Puzzle Mask.

Drunk Munki says:

I stg the totally tubular costumes are names after the sicksons

Riku Keyblade Master says:

That weird blue mask thing is one to talk he looks like a clown to LOL

Samantha Jackson says:

Shut up and take my money! Take it right now! Give me the damn game! eye twitching

Ok I'll go now….*sprints off* call me when it's October

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