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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time – Official Reveal Trailer

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Crash Bandicoot returns with all-new powers and worlds to explore, in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Coming this October to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Viktor Helleblad says:

this is a terrible trailer though, its so rapid and hard to take in what is happening

Atomic dots says:


Atomic dots says:


Bolt Thunder says:

if it's not the wrath of cortex it's not crash 4

ShadowManRay says:

I take it Crunch got written out of the Crash-verse then?

Ryen Trailblazer says:

admit it, we all fangirlled a little when we saw crash wall running.
too be honest, i've never really "played" a crash game. I got a poorly emulated version of crash 3 for my computer and i played a bit of crash boom bang, and thats about it. As my dad is planning to get us a ps5 when it comes out, i am really excited to get a genuine crash bandicoot experience. i'm excited as hell.
Edit: can i just say this new crash model is also a large upgrade to the one from the N.sane trilogy. the n.sane one is great, but this one is much more expressive and able to show just how crazy and cartoony crash is.
also his scared running animation cracks me up every time 🙂

Anders Morris says:

The characters design choice is poor and does not resemble the classic Crash at all. There will probably be a microtransaction for a crash classic look, guess this is why they redesigned him. Call it greed.

Anders Morris says:

Microtransactions everybody. Another childhood franchise of mine to be sent off to the dissection pit for money grabs.

Mou GA says:

so this is Ratchet and Clank rebranded as Crash bandicoot

Guillermo J says:

incredible, when I come out I'm going to play it, the game looks awesome.

Jayden J Bryant says:

Let me guess you guys are going to give it a bad review because it is probably going to be too hard for you

Lord Sylar says:

Looks fun but the new art style is wack

Tortugaman64 says:

But the third game was about time…

TayR0C says:

GotY most likely for me.
Next year will be Spyro 4 if we're still alive.

Axlogix says:

I'm going to be committed to surviving whatever this damned world throws my way until I can play this masterpiece, crash is back baby!!

teejaynumber13 says:

This might be the first Crash game I play.

Kawaii Chamelio says:


(1): Lots of bosses

(2): Side quests

(3): Other game modes (like multiplayer and such)

Kawaii Chamelio says:

I hope that theres a difficulty setting

Lil Menininkas says:

Pls tell me it's gonna be on PC

awesometacular says:

Did Coco get, younger? Her feminine features are less prominant in this one.

awesometacular says:

So, seems they've ditched the photo realistic fur for a smooth cartoony fur texture.

jackhackslack says:

Someone alert Caddy

HighLanderPony says:

Cool game, derpy trailer music choice.

Bloody Rosy says:

Wow, the speed runs for this are gonna be insane. It looks really fun.

uncle Tommy videos says:

I am so excited for this game

Mortax says:

at 0:11 Cortex didnt want to push the button. He just sneezed. Bacause its fuckin cold there^^

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