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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time – Gameplay Overview Trailer | State of Play 2020

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Get a look at Insanity Beach, as well as plenty of new areas, modes, and playable characters in Crash and Coco’s lastest adventure in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.



Vero says:

looks great

Wildpush says:

It's so colorfully well done

Wildpush says:

Just imagine a crash nitro 2! Can't wait for crash 4!

Richard Champness says:

Switch please

miguel salameh says:

the old ones are better

MrTheDarkKnightFan says:

Before cup head there was crash

C Villanueva says:

this is gonna be fuckin awesome played all 3

Willz __ says:

Wow they are really going all out for Crash 4, I'm so damn hyped!

Z0MBIEZ 420 SLAY EM says:

I want to play this 🤑

Nighhhts says:

This is history, guys!

electrikoptik says:

Man, I want the same developer to remake Jak and Daxter.

Yehezkiel Siahaan says:

So not only 《The World》, there would be also 《D4C》

Jacob Ramirez says:

Now all that is left is having Crash announced for SMASH cmon MAKE IT HAPPEN and then I'll BUY CRASH 4 TO GO ALONG WITH HIS SMASH ULTIMATE RELEASE and the YEAR OF 2020 then belongs to CRASH!!

Mo Ebrahim says:

لو انت عربي ومهتم باخبار الالعاب الجديدة ادخل شوف القناة بتاعتي و انشاء الله تعجبك

Megumi Bandicoot says:

0:28 N. Tropy’s face is meme worthy.

Josh White says:

It's clear the devs have love and respect for the series. I'm glad someone is caring for this series since naughty dog has decided to make depressing games now. This is what I expect from a sequel the core mechanics are there while adding new ones that feel like they have always been there.

Codeine Margarita says:


anthony fernandez says:

Last time I saw some play crash bandicoot some called the cops on him and shot him dead . Neighbors can’t tell the difference between domestic violence and in game music 🤷🏽‍♂️ playing this game could get you killed

wolf1326 says:

We also need the craft bazooka back and his upgrade Powers this would be the ultimate game. Along with tiger and polar bear levels

Jacob Simpson says:

man, twinsanity might as well be a bastard child lol

Mr Juicy says:

I want to make a crash series for YouTube but would I have to make a vid on the first three games or could I immediately do the 4Th

LightOfSkyFalling says:

No mtx? I have heard that before…

Crash racing flashbacks

Jordan Ahamed says:

The remastered trilogy was atrocious

Joshua Easter says:


Venno9 says:

WOW! This is going to be fun as hell!! I hope he seriously makes it to Smash Bros. and Coco being his Echo Fighter!!

Jc Parker says:

Why isn’t Crash Bandicoot wearing Converse??? 😭

The Prince Monster says:

To Future People Message :
Like if You Are Watching This When Crash 4 Came Out

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