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Christian vs. Randy Orton – Unsanctioned Match: Raw, June 15, 2020

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Thanks to a shocking assist from Ric Flair, The Viper brings Christian’s return to a premature and brutal end. #WWERaw
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DeAngelo Stevens says:

Remember 2011 when Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match at Extreme Rules against Alberto Del Rio thanks to Edge.


I hope that Stone Cold Steve Austin will return and kick Randy Orton a**

Tyrell Johnson says:

Randy Orton is the next Bray Wyatt?!

mary ellen martinez says:

Randy can't do the killer to any one



Smitha Menon says:

0:52,WWE freezed the video when the viper punted Christian

BigBoss2161 says:

One more match.. 🙁

Guises Tran says:

Toxic randy

Cervesa Buena says:

the more realistic punt i seen is mr micman lol

Suhaib Rashid says:

Wasn't the low blow disqualification

Monu Rajput says:


Affan Sheikh says:

Preplaned matches nowaday

Mayank Bhadauria GMsfAKrAbe says:

Scripted. No one hurt in this

Luthando Vanqa says:

I think Randy crazy or smoking something bad

Getsuga Tenshou says:

I hear voices in my head

Rikiel Anasuli says:

Just like when Santino came in and came right out.

Russ Garcia says:

"This is your fault this is your fault! But please…forgive me." so idk if I should laugh or be touched

Sihina Himasara says:

RKO 😍😍😍😍😍❤️

Jerome Ninonuevo says:

Now u are blaming this man

Jerome Ninonuevo says:

Randy just don't know what to say

Epic ttv says:

For me it's ric Flair's fault he litterly punches Christians egg so hard

Sixfoot 9 says:

WWE has become a snorefest! So lame

Princeton Johnny says:

Christian wouldn't be ko like that had not Rick flair interfered in the first place.

Marcus Withers says:

I like randy because he's one of favorite superstars but im still pissed he went over Christian 5 days after winning the title.

Demitrius Bridges says:

why rick why

Xavier Lee says:

Loves when he got knocked out it froze yt is trolling

Mohd Uvesh says:

Ric flayer is dog man

CasterRG2 says:

I wish christian made a return like edge did. wrestling like he used to.

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