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Chanel West Coast – Been On (ft. French Montana) [Official Music Video]

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Subscribe to Chanel’s channel: http://youtube.com/ChanelWestCoast

Chanel West Coast – Been On (ft. French Montana) [Official Music Video]

Official music video for “Been On” off Chanel West Coast’s “Now You Know” mixtape: http://www.datpiff.com/Chanel-West-Coast-Now-You-Know-mixtape.508351.html

Directed by Rony Alwin

Produced by Rich Skillz
YMCMB x BornRich

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Platoface says:

I just came for the comments because that music is tee rash.

Elliott Nibs says:

This a few good news beats

Tyler Valadez says:

Frenchie been out with the nine. As long you don't hop on with yg or shoreline. You like suburb of Houston for g Auto. Gs9 waiting for that bad ass lil rapper

ifandorbutt says:

It's sad the this is called music…ding ding ding dong ding dong.. look I made a hit

Space24k says:

Nah this ain’t it

Lauren Ramirez says:

Really French? WTF?!!

Helena Taylor says:

Not fair I know alot of talented women who Should have got this chance. Singing she ok rapping made me uncomfortable

Dogporch Dogporch says:

She should stick to laughing on redickulousness

John Walker says:

French must have gotten some kind of special service to support this wth 🤣

Marky Mark says:

She cant be worst than these lame rappers today so 🤷‍♂️

Seeleygirl says:

Not bad, but what is she saying?

Tomik Franklin says:

Always good for A good laugh…😂😅

Cesar Duran says:

Chanel lucky she got rob or she woulda just ended up a stripper or sum hehe

Witchcraft Shawty says:

She sound like a female yelawolf lmaooo

Ase Rodriguez says:

2 wackest "rappers" in the last decade. He's almost as bad as her n idk why anyone Webb likes his garbage ass talking which you apparently call rap nowadays. N why isn't anybody mentioning he copying the ying yang twins "HAAAAA!" he copied it exactly

Zave Guti says:

Y'all so haters

Yessica Gomez says:

Imaa sit down n smoke a blunt but is it tight 😉

Alyssa Earley says:

stick to being the special Ed on ridiculousness

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