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Chanel West Coast – Alcoholic (Official Music Video)

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Subscribe to Chanel’s channel: http://youtube.com/ChanelWestCoast

Chanel West Coast – Alcoholic (Official Music Video)

Official music video for “Alcoholic” off Chanel West Coast’s “Now You Know” mixtape: http://www.datpiff.com/Chanel-West-Coast-Now-You-Know-mixtape.508351.html

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Directed by @ http://twitter.com/NickGoossen


Tyler Valadez says:

It's basically basics but naw on him

Tyler Valadez says:

You know the chronic is out right

Bill Vandergriff says:

You suck stick to laughing

Chrystina Gardner says:

1720 rapid city SD slide

NickyAm says:

This was my song when I was an alcoholic

James Blinzler says:

This on some purple contacts glow in the dark type sh!t. Love it girl. Bring on more.

Timoteo Taaga says:

This gettin no play on the radio or in my car. She gotta work on her delivery and make it sound more like her laugh so it could catch.lol.

Tyler Valadez says:

Going to listen to some more toast to the 9 west coast east coast connection

Tyler Valadez says:

This my shit fell hit my face yesterday gs9 own this.

ifandorbutt says:

I now realize I would rather hear her laugh then hear her crap.. I mean rap

Doreen Wood says:

I love love LOVE this song!

BABY Boi says:

ummmmmm ….NAH

Mitchell Jackson says:

Isn’t she a he🤔

bam bam bam bam says:

Ohhhh wow a song about drinking. How original of you. Really setting yourself apart from the competition huh.

Paul says:

I love this song

Danielle H says:

Bad message, good production lol

Travis Croley says:

Love this song

John Walker says:

Anybody remember the 80's movie the last dragon and the white bad guy had a girlfriend making horrible music videos? This reminds me of that 😂😂

Edward Haggerty says:

I'm like her best friend Edward Haggerty from Bealeton VA

John Giardino says:

Green lit..

John Giardino says:

I can call it…me vs. Hova…..over.

John Giardino says:

Hold you all night like Hova is a FED….🌞 cover color Cocaine

John Giardino says:

I love you 5!!!!!

Dustin Williams says:

Ya know R&B and Rap started the same way. Wonder where this girl will Stop? Amazing

Tomik Franklin says:

Another strike she just does not work with this music and showing her butt all the time don’t help she still looks like a 15-year-old boy…

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