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Celebrities That You (Probably) Didn't Know Smoked Weed

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Nagz2008 says:

31k views just for famous pleople smoking

Darrin D.O. says:

Roll ⬆️

Jayson T says:

Fuck potheads

joe go says:

Fuck weed gave me CHS

Sun Moon & Stars says:

Pot is not a drug it's medicine!✌

gianna balsama says:

Who came cuz of Trump

Austin Staab says:


Christel Platt says:

religuous, watch who smokes weed there!!!!

Gavin Eastburn says:

Dont recommend using drugs? Oh well thats just, too bad, because i happen to have and oz of alien og to the left of me

Frank says:

Very interesting videos, I think you've run out of ideas

Joseph Whitehorn says:

so buying drugs is ok as long as ur a celebrity

Turkey Jiblets says:

Nice photoshop!

Mikey Larsen says:

Are you going to do celebrities that you don't think have drink I think not

BeanMeister says:

my mom vapes weed lel

Ousepensar Pensenisso says:

Snoop d_o_double_g likes it

Ramen Noodles says:

imma be serious, if someone that i know told me to smoke weed with him i would

leo Chen says:

I'm early

私は大きな黒いコックが欲しい says:

So, where is harambe? :v

JúŁį Łmíń says:

Im the 134 view!!!!!

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