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Tavarea Nash says:

Down in Mississippi/ Louisiana area if you call foul on a shot your ball no point regardless

KJDG _ says:

38:15 Rage the Hisoka of ball I swear 😭

Michael Arsen says:

Brawadis got no step back off dribble game that’s why he got clamped he not no skill hooper 😂

xElucidatee says:

That's why Arabs don't play ball 😂😂

Tomas Vergara says:

Kenny ate his dog

Jackson Powell says:

“cash lookin better” thats cus rage been watching flight get fucked on too much 💀

Saahn says:

Brawadis think Cash a problem? He needa come down south and play these felons that be at the courts 24/7

HOF Gaming says:

Brawadis soft he was tryna be tuff vs flight tho

enZofe says:

I miss yourrage

Korrupt says:

Yrg where u at ?

ŘrënçïõÕ ĶkÏNĞ says:

What is YourRage twitch name?

Zxii Kvnq says:

YRG is finally free😢

Ty says:

Come back plz

KaiCondones says:

I miss you josh😔

Dulxes says:

Rage I miss you and your stream so much, i wish you could comeback to us. I really miss you😞❤️

Grxp3Noodlez__ says:

why are they playing on that little ass gym

BoLo says:

Its not the same without rage man 😭

i2k17 says:

Why is he not uploading?

certified boards says:

Rage dont leave plz

Aye man Say man it’s yo boy says:

rage is the definition of *all bark no bite*

Edgar Garcia says:

We need you rage:( all my homies sad

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