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Cash vs Brawadis 1v1 Rivalry Basketball Game!

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SCARY TIKTOKS VIDEO IS LIVE **BEWARE** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9n0TM7n0sQ&t=68s

GO TELL CASH I WOULD BUST HIM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_zIEqxTceA

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Nekko Accola says:

Brawadis can't hoop

Fan Dance says:

Cash lost to rice

Jordan Brooks says:

Osn you’re wrong On this one . Cash did win because he was stronger than Brandon , but he also won because Brandon had no skill. We know cash is gonna use his strength to his advantage, but if Brandon has no skill to combat the strength then he’s gonna lose. Brandon could’ve won if he had actual moves instead of trying to rely on shooting or trying to post cash up. You’re not gonna beat cash that way

Zach Ziolkowski says:

Do some more football 🏈!!!

Darwin Walker says:

Who Remember cash and osns beef

Joseph Booker says:

CAN WE GET A CLARK HOOPING COMP!!! We need to see that heso!!

Joe M says:

I'll play both of 1v2 rn full court and I'm getting the w

M&S REACT says:

Mannnn I’ll smoke all 3 of these bums 3v1 🤣

Antione Johnson says:

10:07…Pause of the decade 😬

Gunslinger says:

cash does the same move every time🤣

jay frost says:


OSN: I love da negativity

Alex Whiteman says:

Clark vs flight😂

BoBBy DiGiTaL says:

All these dudes need to hit a treadmill fk a b-ball court…the first point they was out of breath

Jamel Lewis says:

@10:09 PAUSE , OSN!

Jack Wilkins says:

why u clap so much bro

DynamicsYT says:

Cash to Strong

Don Pazzano says:

Bro i wouldn't have you around my boys. No disrespect.

Tope City says:

Bro why you be skipping the fact brawadis dissed south hoopers bruh that’s sum wack bro not even watching this no more

elijahman says:

lol "dam he really came and did it"

Money C says:

I was hella shook when i seen this shii😂

Nasty Palms says:

The originator of the dolphine laugh

Blizzard Wizzard says:

Lil dude stupid give cash space you know you aint stopping him down low you smaller weigh less and cant take him off a dribble and finish or hit a good jumper credit cashs defense but lil dude got no iq

Biyson says:

10:06 pause tf on that LMFAO

Hi Bro says:

He don’t want that smoke with solluminati

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