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Cash vs Brawadis 1v1 Reaction

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Landon King says:

gg killed u in a fort arena game

StevoYTPlays says:

You got the same body build of Brawadis. I know your reading my comments 🤣

StevoYTPlays says:

I want to 1v1 you lil boy

StevoYTPlays says:

You hating jajaja

Isaac Morales says:

He said he’s the best YouTube hooper no one even knows you 😂

XonifyX says:

Man really said “im the best youtuber/hooper out rn I’m sleep💀

J P says:

We gotta see some basketball 1v1 from you

Miichaeljr says:

U hating so much y u don’t 1v1 cash lol boy 😂

Miichaeljr says:

Stfu Brawadis better but cash just got Louisiana in him

boward woward says:

all da brawadis fanboys hot lol

Andrew Adajar says:

“iM tHe BeSt BaSkEtBaLl YoUtUbEr” u weigh the same as brawadis 😂😂

Youssef Ameza says:

Just shut up you acting like you hoop or something go play fortnite you child

Kyle Campbell says:

you calling brawadis a baby when your the same build as him on 2k am dead

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