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Buzzy Bees: Official Trailer

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Minecraft is buzzing in its latest update! Discover how bees breathe life into their surroundings, bringing speedier crop growth, homey hives, and sticky honey!
Learn more at minecraft.net!

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3eOm3Try K1d says:

1:17 ray tracing confirmed…

animesh mazumder says:

After this iam feeling good😊😊😊😊😊

RupSaran Chakma says:

Periodic table song

Lewis B says:

Funny and MAD

Chitrousdig 3365 says:

I want a bee plushy

Nikita Costello says:

1.12: Adds tones of new colourful blocks to the game
1.13: Complete revamp of the Ocean, adding tones of new mechanics and mobs
1.14: Literally changes every texture in the game, as well as revamping villages and adding tons of cool new blocks
1.16: Adds tons of new biomes and mechanics to the nether, completely changing the way the game is played
1.15: Bees

Angelou Cariño says:

Background music name?

Ad fist says:

This is the greatest trailer everrr

Swagifying says:

Damn this update looks good im hyped for it!!!

Rafael Flores says:

Not the best update, but man, i love the trailer lol

Augusto souza nobrega says:

show de bola !!!!!

Bruno Sebastian Cajas Pereyra says:

I really like this update, besides is my favorite game since my childhood.

Angelo Jacinto Lopez says:

The Music Is Can Can.

Rudy01B says:

we need mountains like this

Santiago Ceballos Longas says:

are so cute !!!!!!!

Benton Ord says:

hints to 1.17

RazVan says:

If Mojang really likes the "Bare Bones Texture" and The Shader why didnt they make the defaupt texture

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