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BUYING another AXOLOTL for My TANK!!!

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1 just wasn’t enough.. Axel needed a friend! This creature is sooo cool!!

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Paul Cuffaro says:

Literally can’t thank you who’s reading this enough for consistently coming back and supporting what I do. Thank you, for real. I can’t WAIT to share the crazy things to come these next couple months😎🖤

Kaleb Izor says:

where can you get a axolotl

Bella Gusmao says:

Lucy🌸 or Lucas 🦚

☾Greek fan☽ says:

What about blossom

gmathim puri says:

The axolotl name should be luca

Tiggo says:


Jordon Brant says:

Zig should be his name

HuskyoArtist says:

Axel, Ready to get a new friend!?!?1?!

Axel : A


Alex games says:

If im late sorry but name idea: its april or pikuniku

R4C3R - HCR 2 says:

Lotl is the name.

Matthew Campbell says:

What tank for your acolyte did u get

Scizx YT says:

Can u tell,e where u live so I can be just like you btw we are both sag

Sam’s animals says:

Name it jeff

DARSHAN Moe says:

Get a Bnana eel

Takayoshi Popowich says:

deos anyone see the kid staring at him before he starts driving home?

Matthew Christides says:

If its a girl axolotl Emma if it's a boy axolotl may be cuddles

btinsley21 says:

They are so cute,but I am not an expert but I am pretty sure you’re susposed to have plants fake or live but live work better Bc they like places to hide

Louise Calver says:

I thank you should name your axolotl boo

A PleugeBirb says:


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