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Bubba Wallace emotional as NASCAR's drivers, Richard Petty stand with him | NASCAR ON FOX

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A day after a noose was found in the garage stall of Bubba Wallace, NASCAR’s only full-time African-American driver, all of NASCAR’s drivers as well as legend Richard Petty stood in solidarity with Wallace ahead of the Geico 500 at Talladega. Wallace was moved to tears by the show of support.

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Bubba Wallace emotional as NASCAR’s drivers, Richard Petty stand with him | NASCAR ON FOX



Richard Law says:

STP drop your sponsor ship on 43 if not I will never ever sponsor or buy any of your supplies anymore

Steve Haines says:

Another nail in the coffin, it's sad watching this country die

doglover&sunshine25 says:

I stand with Bubba.

38Achilles says:

How come mixed race people never claim their 'white side'. I am sure he has issue with his white girlfriend.

Mike Hemingway says:

It was pathetic before we found out nothing happened

Jameson Serono says:

Look at Richard Petty in the background. What a sorry sellout! Although Petty is just a figurehead with the team and basically has nothing to do with it, he and the entire team is stuck with this guy Bubba Wallace. Try and fire him for being an incompetent driver . Go ahead…I dare you. They now own him. This has nothing to do with racism…this has EVERYTHING to do with holding onto that precious television money. This sport thinks the looney toon lefties will leave them alone if they bow to them. Yeah, tell that to the Boy Scouts. Took them 10 years to destroy them…but they did it.

Enzo 1965 says:

🎶How Do You Like Me Now🎶

Erenated says:

Is it April Fools already?

Jack Pearl says:

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Zachary Taylor says:

Cringe at it's finest

peter kreisler says:

Bubba smoulett….these people are now comedy…we wont forget these individuals

Rocket Man says:

100% race card using POS!!! Lost all respect for Richard Petty.

Drew Yazbeck says:

Just imagine the wrath if one didn't wear a mask

Armand Potgieter says:

Wow, pathetic

Justin Moore says:

Can you all stop hiring people who are either A. Not comfortable with their sexuality or B. White privilege doctrine racists. That would make my life so much better.

Ewa Dossowski says:

This did not age well

Choronzon says:


Ben Adam775 says:

Congratulations NASCAR! You've just been Jussie Smolleted! Good luck trying to get your fan base back!

Tony Clark says:

And in the #43 Bussie Smollett

Nuclear Fusion says:

What a complete and utter moron wallace is

Jim Jonrs says:

Juicy Wallace made then all look like tools! Nascar has jumped the shark……….and Richard Petty looks like he should be robbing stagecoaches.

knessi ng says:

Got baited by an attention seeking race baiter.

L Grn says:

Sissy…..had every white boy crying for him. Bubba SMOLLET. ALL NASCAR SUCKED UP TO THIS RACE DRIVER

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