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Bubba Wallace Discusses NASCAR's Reaction to Noose Incident

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NASCAR has released a picture of the noose that was found Sunday in driver Bubba Wallace’s garage at Talladega Superspeedway.

The noose was found just weeks after Wallace spoke out about the presence of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events. NASCAR subsequently implemented a ban at races.

On Tuesday, the Federal Bureau of Investigations concluded that there was no hate crime at Talladega, NASCAR said. Evidence showed that the “garage door pull rope fashioned like a noose had been positioned there since as early as last fall,” according to a statement released by NASCAR.

NASCAR President Steve Phelps during a Thursday press conference said that the organization checked garages across 20 tracks and found only one instance where a pulldown rope was fashioned into a noose.

In response to the FBI’s findings, Wallace said that he was relieved the investigation “revealed that this wasn’t what we feared it was.” In a subsequent interview with ESPN, the driver emphasized that he didn’t think reporting the noose was an overreaction.

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Kevin Moran says:

BUBBA 2020 🏁

Ray Asare says:

Man all the people trying to criticize him are so wrong it’s sad. Do you guys realize that that rope is indeed purposely tied in the shape of a noose. You can argue that it is used to pull down the garage or whatever but there are literally a million other ways that that rope could have been tied for that purpose and to tie something in the shape of a noose is not something that happens coincidently. There is no denying that that is a noose and you guys are so out of line for trying to criticize him for calling it exactly what it is.

Tilers Shelines says:

No the garage door was racist, put it in the junkyard make sure it’s not recycled😂

demondawg80 says:

Shut up and focus on getting a win

Gypsy Rhiannon says:

🙄 he literally makes me wanna vomit

J. Timothy says:

This guy should be fired.


Everytime people like him get into anything they wanna change it and screw it up its in there blood .

Chavee49 says:

Yeah…yeah… the joke is, the NOOSE was there before you knew what Nascar was. Only difference, you've become a somebody from a nobody faster than that famous 'Bubba' in prison took to hump his first victim.

Lenny Smith says:

For affirmative action they could give him an extra 5 lap lead, a
couple extra gallons of fuel, and an additional 50 cubic inches. For
reparations they should give him driving lessons, a GED, and free
college courses.

Bob Gil says:

If your not first your last.

Tony Phan says:

Weak minded individual

Liz Bethy says:

When the need for racial disharmony exceeds the supply manufacture the obvious ridiculous lie, go on an apology tour, send in 15 FBI agents, and reward all of the Jussies and Bubbas out to garner attention and promote racism where it does not exist.

Charles Smith says:

Little Bubba can't drive with the Big Boys so he needed a scandal so he could get his Obie Participation Trophy to bring home to Mom!😂😂

T C says:

Wow that’s was my last viewing of NASCAR, watching all kiss BUBBA’s ass to a lie!!!!!

AKA: Bubba Smollet will be known as his new name !!!!!!!

PS : I like the acting’s Bubba Smollet did when he was crying….. he deserves an Oscar !!!!!

Joey Weisen says:

Does juicy know you stole his noose ? That’s STEALING!!!!!

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