BTOB 비투비 – I'll Be Your Man 기도 Lyrics [ Romanization / Hangul / Translation ]

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Cansu says:

I love Minhyuk 😍💖

blackgirlmagic says:

Peniel is so damn fine 😋

s m o says:

Why does this remind me of the drama 'Kill Me, Heal Me'?

L Bloomz says:

This is Masterpiece.But didn't get any wins because their opponents are from big 3😢

4daliengurl BTS Army says:

The casual DAMN! at 2:15. Also included in the fanchant. I actually never noticed it

LCS 29 says:

I 'm here cz Eunwoo of ASTRO hugging Sungjae in Immortal Songs. And this is masterpiece!

IStanStrayKids says:

According to me, is 3:24 the best part
Edit: I meant the high note

so what! we hot! we young! says:

still the greatest song in kpop history

Ibrahim Bakri says:

The one thing

Justin Seagull says:

I can’t find it on Spotify 😭😭😩

merve says:

This is the first BTOB song I ever listened and GOD THIS IS AMAZING. Like I am not kidding I always heard about them but I actually never listened one of their song and this became one of my fav kpop song. I wish thet get more hype both vocal and rap line is a m a z i n g.

Sora_ Min says:

I am crying

Apple Juice says:

3:12 just swoop my ass

Apple Juice says:

3:12 just swoop my ass

Vicenta Pocot says:

How the rapline just blows up the whole song tho

Gege Rose says:

They are one of the K-pop boy groups with the best vocals line , like each singer by himself is amazing (sorry for my English)

Peaches and Cream says:

0:54 I love Sungjae’s part

예멜로디버디유지니 says:

이 노래 짱조아ㅠㅠ♥

amber _ says:

this is a beautifull song, like really. they all so talented the rappers and singers soooo talented

strongPower thankYou says:

The vocalists had me shook! Especially eunkwang💜💜💜💜💜💜

Charlotte McCluskey says:

Boy they be having constant mad skills

Ongseong Woo says:

I like this song

baekhyun • says:

I'm not a btob fan but this song is 😍😍👏🏻👏🏻

신재영 says:

노래 미쳤네 이런걸 왜 지금알앗지

초코에빠진체리 says:


Maddy Matthew says:

Who is here after mic change

K-POP Stuff says:

I remember listening to this song 4 years ago and liking it,but when I got a new phone I lost this song,I finally found it again.This song is really touching.Every time I listen to it I cry because it's so beautiful

주연 says:

이곡에서 나만 느끼는게 은광이 파트가 별로 없는듯;;

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