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Dude Perfect teams up w/ the World’s #1 Bowler: Jason Belmonte
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SwiftlySeveral says:

lEtS gO bOwlInG!

Barak Meir says:


Michelle Robinson says:

I’m Aussie so the interviews r so funny

Bobert Johnson says:

Six and a half years later, I still believe that the trick at 3:40 is the most impressive trick ever shown on this channel. It just blows my mind, every time

Sam Schneider says:

I love how all the shots that take skill are done by pros

MrLightning animation says:

i think the other athlete they shall get is mohamed salah aka the best soccer player

Tdywelive says:

I'm here from the royal Taylor comments. Lol

Be A Turtle says:

2021 Anyone

jimmy boi34 says:

as an australian ty u have heavily disrespected us with that accent lmo

Elijah Shackelford says:

Still impressive in 2020

Lucas Allan says:

Still impressive in 2021

Carmelo Desmond says:

Just think they would have died if he missed

Udell H says:

There should be a second

Nilsac says:

Here 7 yrs later

x PHANTOM x says:

4:26 it's not true . i know what did you mean by that celebration .

Sid Tom says:

Still impressive in 2021

Kabilan RD says:

1:24 did someone notice Ty wearing two different sock 🙄

follow xdkillerjason on twitch says:

Heunda what are those 🤣

Achilles Buena says:

Ready set go ready set go oh oh….

Kevin Godbee says:

The guy who said is anyone in 2020 I’m glad 2020 is over like bro that’s the worst year ever seen but I’m in 2021

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