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Bologna 0-2 Juventus | Juve Return to Serie A With a Win and 4 Points Clear of Lazio! | Serie A TIM

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Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala fired Juventus to a 2-0 win at Bologna that kept the champions top of Serie A | Serie A TIM

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asad ali says:

Dybala should be the next big player for Argentina

simoo avril says:

cristiano ronaldo is the best one

Swarnadeep Chatterjee says:

Ronaldo and penalty is a forever love story

Matheus Queiroz says:

Someone tell me why Danilo stil playing in Juventus???

haroon khan says:

Matuidi, bentancur, cuadrado,danilo,sandro and khedira all useless in juve

Roberto Norelli says:

sempre i soliti ladruncoli

Januar kenzo Channel says:


দিগন্ত ঢ়ূড় says:

Ronaldo out of form

3lon gamer programming says:

Referee saved again the Juventus by sending Danilo off

badbøys4L says:

De Ligt played great today

Rajni Tomer says:

Messi like
Ronaldo comments

Chaitanya Samant says:

I like how juventus can only dominate small clubs these days

kamatcho kamel says:


Tagikakibau says:

The refs just love Penaltus.

Amaan Kayani says:

It's a shame that the kit name in Italy doesn't say " BLACK LIVES MATTER"

mdmshlc says:

100 KG, nice dive de Ligt!

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