Big Show isn’t scared of Randy Orton: Raw Talk, June 15, 2020 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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The World’s Largest Athlete welcomes any and all challengers from the Raw locker room, including The Viper. #RawTalk
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Kareem Sanders_249 says:

I wonder what orton has to say about this

Jaylin Lawson says:

The Punt Has Returned… 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Wesley C says:

Bring back Smackdown talk plz.

Jahi B. says:

Big Show you are clearly not in this for titles but i do think you deserve a honest win over Orton. Bring 1 home for the Legends 💪🏾. Taker can’t do it all ( well he can but )

Damos Official says:

I think big show aint scared bc randyy orton he bashes the ring when hes about to do a RKO so he will know if a RKO is coming

Ali ELSAYED says:

Randy Orton The best wrestler ever

S & S Vlogs says:

Orton is finally back…WWE wasnt using him well enough and now the old orton is back…Legends better be Careful…there are vipers in the garden….❤😎

Adam Lyoto says:

Can we bring Talking Smack back???


Something tells me he's gonna get his head kicked

B Rose says:

I have the upmost respect for Randy Orton but if we’re talking about Randy Orton (6’5) VS. Big Show (7’0)? I’m going with Big Show


Big show will turn heel

Ilham Abdullah says:

Talking Smack should also return

nicholas99ful says:

Oh no he done gone and ended his career right they been great big show lol

Clayton says:

Well, I hope Big Show puts away Randy Orton.

Michael Myers says:

Oh i know, next week Orton vs Big Show, 2 minute-Match, Randy wins by a RKO and Big Shows Career ending with another loss.. STUPID! Please give Big Show one win at least..

BadyasOfficial says:

Big show next

Jamirimaj says:

funny that the most logical opponent Big Show should face at this point in his career is the guy that's interviewing him lol

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