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Big Show Confronts Randy Orton wwe raw 22 june 2020

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Ric Flair made his way to the ring to present Randy Orton as the “Greatest Wrestler Ever,” but he also issued a warning to Nia Jax over her attack on Charlotte, claiming his daughter will be back for revenge.

The Nature Boy then put Orton over as the greatest star in WWE history. The Viper warned not to confuse nostalgia with legacy, equating his attacks on Edge and Christian as nostalgic. He said the fire he feels in the pit of his stomach is simply him establishing his legacy.

Orton said he is getting pleasure out of being The Legend Killer again, just in time for Big Show to interrupt the proceedings.

“I’m not going to let you glorify everything Randy Orton did,” he said, before vowing revenge for Edge and Christian. He said Orton is a parasite who latches on to everyone around him and said he and Flair will feel the wrath of a pissed-off giant.

Orton complimented Big Show before referring to him as a legend and then suggested it would be a shame for him to suffer the same fate as Edge and Christian.

The Viper finished with a warning, telling Big Show what happens from here is on him.




Is the idea of Orton vs. Big Show in 2020 appealing? Hell, no. Is this the best Orton we’ve ever seen? Hell, yes.

The Viper has hit a stride we have not seen from him since 2011. Not only is his ring work superb, but his mic work is also better. He is more focused and thought-provoking than ever before.

His attention to detail and devotion to the little things have elevated him to a level everyone thought he could achieve but many gave up on over the years. He has always had the potential, but the effort was often called into question.

The effort is there now, and if you don’t believe it, watch the promo above and appreciate the fact that he made a Big Show segment interesting even 21 years after the giant’s debut.


Jose Guillen says:

The legend Killer got his legacy stained by Broc Lesner he is better than you and your voices in your head Randy.

Jose Guillen says:

Becky Lynch and Bailey are better than Charlotte you need to train her better Ric.

chris zilch says:

The reason why Edge is a Hall of Famer and Orton isnt is because Orton wasn't the valued member of Evolution. Triple H had something against him.

chris zilch says:

At least Charlette Flair doesn't do low blows. Maybe she does.

chris zilch says:

Big Show is more of a legend than Randy Orton will ever be. Big Show, when he started his wrestling career had a match for the World title with Ric in WCW and he beat Ric for the World Championship.

Chad Kase says:

That was some badass promos, wwe take note, this is what thrills and kills

Lloyd Watkins says:

Awesome description of this segment and Orton's current run!

Kareem Sanders_249 says:

Evolution reunited 2003

Dizzy Penguin says:

It's crazy how it's during Covid

Jagan King says:

The segment ends with Naruto Shippuden op 3 💀💀💀💀

Crome 44 says:

Awe what great promo by the legend killer

Austin Malby says:

“Stone cold! Stone cold! Stone cold!”

Anthony Coleman says:

Big show is next

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