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Big Show calls out Randy Orton: Raw, June 29, 2020

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The World’s Largest Athlete calls out The Viper, but instead finds himself surrounded by Andrade & Angel Garza, who Ric Flair encourages to soften up the giant. #WWERAW
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anneka johnson says:

At the second 55 the guy with the white top lock next to him

anneka johnson says:

The guy in the background when the big show says come on and fight about three seconds before that

King Reggie says:

Ric Flair acknowledges his son in law👀

Jose Guillen says:

The street prophets all you want is publicity Andrade learn how to speak better english Selena teach them Cause Big show is better than you 3

chris zilch says:

I just don't understand why the Big Show isn't allowed, according to Ric, to inspire other children or the youth of this current generation. Big Show deserves some movie making time. He's already proved to a lot of people that he is indeed a legend. There aren't that many giants walking around. That's why we need to be grateful.

chris zilch says:

Big Show is more of a legend than Ric Flair will ever be. Big Show, when he made his debut in WCW, in the 1990's, had a match with Ric Flair for the World Title and what happened? Big show took the belt from him. I don't know how that doesn't make the Big Show an adds on favorite.

Sethupathy vj says:

When I first watched WWE I thought big show is the heaviest man in the world

Bill Lawler says:

0:55 Did anyone see that guy trying to threaten Andrade

Cedrick Hawkins says:

Anyone else digging Flair joining Orton?

Ananda mass says:

"One of the best Legend" killer "
(The viper Randy Orton)

Seville Diniz says:

Get ready for punt kick

farasapt says:

why is adande and angel garza being cringy atm

Caroline Henry says:

That was funny when the man with the Monday Night Raw mask

Robert Lind jr says:

Reminds me of a Eddie guerrero and show moment. Lol

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