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Between Twilight

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Provided to YouTube by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Between Twilight · Lindsey Stirling


℗ 2019 Lindseystomp Records under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

Engineer: Gabe Burch
Engineer: John Greenham
Engineer, Producer: Mark Maxwell
Engineer: Paul Matelski
Engineer: Scott Michael Smith
Composer: Lindsey Stirling
Composer: Mark Maxwell

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Rose MWM says:

I feel like I'm a baby, being rocked to sleep by an elf XD

Harbinger The Soul says:

This is the key to my soul.
Thank you.

Harbinger The Soul says:

I love this Musik.

JonSon215 says:

This Music is Best When You Played the Games:
– The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
– Final Fantasy VII Remake
– Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
– Nier Automata
– Horizon Zero Dawn
– Shadow of the Colossus
– Journey
– God of War


El 23 de junio se estrena la cancio

Oliver Hel says:

no rockbiters, just me

Oliver Hel says:

12.15 acrost the remainder from 33% at 105 leaves n = 12.15?

Oliver Hel says:

wolverine and hulk end world peace

Danielle Trent says:

does anyone else get aquarium vibes

Elizabeth Thompson says:

Is it just me, or are all of Lindsey's comments on you tube positive.

Eduardo IFTeixeira says:

When I play this song, I can imagine myself in a fairy castle, the enemy is coming, and now I have a piece of happiness between battles

Leigh Saunderson says:

250 days (and about 2hrs 45mins..) ago , I was sat waiting for the clock to tick over to midnight (UK Time) so I could listen to Artemis on release (one upside of being a major owl nightowl..!). On 1st listen I was floored by BT (as you'll see from my original comment..), having had 8 months of pretty much repeat play, I am officially awarding BT No 1 spot in my favourite Lindsey Stirling tracks, YES ,even ahead of Crystallise and Shadows (which I thought would never ever happen!!). Lindsey, if you ever randomly happen to read this comment in years to come, Between Twilight is just a masterpiece. On release it was amazing, calming, and tearful (I'm sure I'm not the only one….), but during this Covid crisis, it's power is magnified, those times when you need a bit of a respite,(yes, even cold heartless IT geeks like me ! ), it just calms your brain down and gives you a few minutes of tranquility (which is why it goes on repeat..! ).. Thankyou !

David Russell says:

love all that awesome sound design in the last 30 seconds or so–wow

Ava Ness says:

I love this song so much, I HAD to cover it on my violin. I’d love for any other Lindsey Stirling fans to check it out on my channel if you have a moment! 🙂🎻

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